A Pretty Blue and White Fabric

This pretty linen, Magnolia in China Blue, is from Lauren Liess' Textiles collection and it's making me want to redo my whole house. 

* Kip just rolled over in his office desk chair or stopped breathing (or maybe he's not reading this?).  Don't worry, Mister, I only want to redo some things.  I should probably call the office and have someone check on him.  And now I just cracked myself up thinking about my husband trying to climb out the window of his office to escape his wife's crazy ruminations about decor that land in his inbox every day.   

Anyway, back to the pretty blue and white magnolias.  Maybe, I just order a swatch.  For now. 

via Lauren Liess Pure Style Home

I really like how Naomi from Design Manifest used the fabric in her client's bedroom pictured below.  I can't wait to see the end result!

It might ultimately be a little bolder than I want for my bedroom (oh ya, I've decided it's time to pay attention to that sad place where clean laundry goes to die - the lead time for clothes to make it off of the sofa by my bed and into my closet is about 2 weeks+, it's bad).

I also like Lauren Liess' Wild Chicory in Denim.


I like a lot of things though.  As soon as I narrow some down I will consult the experts (y'all).  It may be sometime in 2015 ... 

Have a lovely day!

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  1. I adore the blue & white magnolia print - Traditional without being too stuffy! Hope to see updates if you decide to use it!!


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