Summer Stuff, Part 3

The Spa at The Cloister 

That's all inside. It's pretty close to what The Suze's bedroom at the Kappa house looked like back at Mizzou. She used to tell me about a former roommate who had a little meltdown when my mom brought another tree into the room. It didn't occur to The Suze that someone wouldn't want to have a beautiful room full of indoor greenery.  I found a picture once and it was really close to jungle level. I wish I could find it again. 

That being said, I am now more determined than ever to bring some potted palms, Bullwinkle plants (I'm sure that's not what they're called, but they look like Bullwinkle) and ferns into to my home back in KC. 

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  1. So funny re your Mama :) Will be interested to hear how your plant journey progresses. Watering is so high maintenance but I am crazy for the indoor jungle look too. My indoor plants have been outside since our last holiday. Carrying inside also seems to be forever below another to do on my never ending list


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