Stepping Away

* Interior Designer Mark Gillette - English Country Estate Apartment "Burley" published AD May 2014

Hello Friends!  I'm taking a little break from the blog until school starts up again.  Nothing dramatic, I'm just finding that with two kids at home all of the time, I'm choosing between showers and blogging or playing and blogging or spending the evening with my husband and blogging.  It's just a little difficult at the moment.  So I'm forcing myself to take a sabbatical until school starts up again, and we can get back into a routine.  Hopefully, I'll be back with new projects, new inspiration and a better blog. 

Until then, follow my new Instagram @BelclaireHouse for more design/less kid updates.  I have one little silly project I'm working on that I definitely want to share with y'all when it's finished.  Also check out my Pinterest, I just reorganized all of my pictures :)

Have a lovely Summer y'all!!!



  1. Dear Jennifer of course I understand and so will all of your other friends and folowers. I will be taking an August break myself!
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  2. Totally support you..your family needs you more and with young kids its hard to juggle it all...gee I wish that were my problem:) Enjoy your break and the rest of summer...until we meet again!

  3. I just followed you on Instagram. I will miss you but I totally get it. They don't stay little forever. Enjoy your summer!

  4. Looking forward to when you return to blogging. Enjoy your family and the rest of summer. Here in Australia we are looking forward to the end of winter! I will have to content myself with reading your old blogs. Tracey

  5. Have a great summer! Sometimes we need to just step away and take a break. I have a feeling that 100% of your followers would agree. Enjoy your family!

  6. Yes that is how I feel and all the time as we don't do school yet and I blog about once a month now((: kids are too precious to me((: happy summer! Xo


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