Mark D. Sikes in Veranda

I would be remiss if I did not share Mark Sikes' latest spread in Veranda.  His home is just so lovely.  It would behoove the glossies to revisit it often.  I will always, always buy a copy for my archives when his work is in it.  I have that much faith in my love for his work that I can say that. 

I have to admit, I semi-freaked when I saw that the dining room no longer had the Gracie panels. That was until I saw he had moved them to the bedroom.  Then I marched myself over to Edward's time-out chair and put 5 minute on the oven-timer for even questioning such a move.  It's hard to pick favorites, but both bedrooms really do it for me.  It's good to wake up in pretty.

Read more about the rooms here.  (Or better yet, go pick up this issue of Veranda.  It's REALLY good.)


  1. His stlye is beautiful and how can I not love someone regularly uses blue and white in his rooms! Just the new veranda and can't wait to dive in, waiting to read it when I head to the beach in a has to be "the right moment" lol.

  2. Swooning over here!!He is so talented and that dining room is unbelievable. Very well done classically done ,bravo!

  3. I was with you on wallpaper. In fact couldn't imagine how he could improve on last space. But just wow! I am crazy in love with it all!


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