Random Awesome Things

Summer is so random y'all.  Don't you remember how in high schol and college, summer was a time to just hang out with the most random people ever.  Now instead of hanging out with random people, I'm just doing random stuff and blogging about random things.  I promise I'll get back to blogging about pretty houses and decor soon.  I'm just not really in a decorating state of mind at the moment. 

For one, I'm dealing with a 3 year old who really thinks he's a monkey.  We have to call him "Edward Chimpanzee," and he tells me things like, "Mom, monkeys climb things. That's just what we do" and "this is not the family room, it's Africa." I also have a baby who is hell-bent on walking.  My monkey child is really good at running interference on that one as I'm sure you can imagine.  Decorating is taking a back-seat to things like safety, wearing clothes and avoiding the hospital. 

So today, I'm bringing you more random, but awesome things.

First up, part of my birthday gift to my mom.  It actually rings.  I told my Dad he's on notice.

This is one of my favorite magazines to get in the mail (thank you to my mother-in-law!) It's such a good gift to get for people who really love to cook. 

You get genius tips like this.  

This is a good salad dressing from Trader Joes.   

My neighbor told me to put it with these things per a helpful Trader Joe Man. 

It was yum. 

Finally, something that is NOT awesome. The rain. I can't. You know it's bad when I suggest we finger paint. I'm not a mom who finger paints voluntarily. But I was desperate. 

And no, he doesn't wear clothes once he's in the house. Chimpanzees don't wear clothes, duh. 


  1. Love your blog! You have such a nice writing style and I look forward to reading it each day. Thanks for the tips - to Trader Joe's I go!

  2. He! - at least he is in underwear. Mine often don't make it that far (I was so relieved to see in one of your previously referenced lists re boys that this is not something only I am dealing with). And likewise regarding avoiding hospital; my previously lofty parenting aims have now been consolidated into a single - keep the children alive - arg! I too have climbers - and also runners i.e. the type that think it is hilarious to run far and fast from me each time we leave the house. Anything bigger than a boutique is enough to give me heart palpitations these days for this reason.


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