Have a Lovely Father's Day Weekend!

Do y'all have any fun Father's Day traditions?  According to Pinterest, Dads only like to drink beer, play golf, fart and eat bacon.  Not that I ever actually do anything I pin, except I may have tried out a few of the Father's Day links below with moderate success.  Trust me.  If it's not super, super easy, it's just not happening at my house.  Edward is notorious for either drawing one line across a page and moving on, or turning the "art project" into "mommy learns how to draw something ridiculously hard like Iceman or Grandol." (I had to look them up, too).  Someone usually ends up in tears.  But it is important for Kip to know just how much we love him and appreciate him as a dad, so it's a small sacrifice for a pretty amazing guy. 
This would be a perfect gift for the Dad who doesn't want you to let him buy himself an expensive gift.

I mean this is just ridiculous

Farrow & Ball has a new online magazine The Chromologist

My favorite foundation ever (and it comes with a good concealer)

This hand creme smells heavenly

A super cute and unique gift for a 3-year-old (3 year-olds are all about pretend)
P.S. How freaking adorable is my niece??

A great pillow sale to check out for my fellow pillow addicts

A pretty awesome before and after master bath redo

10 moms you'll meet at the pool

Why DO we pay so much for razors?? 
(and I love a pink sparkly anything, but is it really a necessary marketing technique for women's razors?  Are we 5 year olds?)

My friend posted about our fun Palm Springs Bachelorette party for my sis-in-law

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  1. Did your friend post that, or Mere's friend? :) Hope Kip had a great Father's Day!


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