Have a Lovely, Sunshiney Weekend!

* image via Vogue Living on Instagram

It's been a rainy start to the weekend.  Despite the fact that I'm not really a "yellow person" and I cannot pick out any one thing I really like about this room (not sure what's going on with the tree), but I find this whole room strangely comforting.  Maybe it's the bean bag or maybe it's just the overall 80's feeling.  It feels like home, like a place I probably visited when I was young and thought was incredibly chic.  It's probably the same feeling my parents get when they watch Mad Men.  Nostalgia, perhaps?  I always wonder what aspects of our home will make our kids nostalgic someday.  What will make them cringe, but secretly smile? 

Anyway, I'm a dollar short and a day late with this post.  This has been one of those weeks where despite employing the services of two calendars, I still forgot to do everything on it, like literally, everything.  I was like the Amelia Bedelia of moms.  Oh well, better luck next week! Enjoy these links!

Another bit of yellow I've always liked

Some great beach gear (including a gorgeous blue and white beach towel)

This bike is so cute
(and you can get it at Walmart!) 

My brother's adorable little family went to a Baby Rave a few weeks ago!

(I too am coming out as a non-steamed vegetable cooker, although I will eat it steamed)

For sure making this salad this week

At first I thought this "cake" was so cool, and then I worried I might be disappointed.

This One Kings Lane sale will give you some good ideas for styling bookshelves

(it would be really cool to have one custom-made with all of your family's birthstones)

A nice thing to send a friend you haven't talked to in awhile


  1. Just pulled into Rancho Mirage and I can assure you that your wish came true. It is indeed a lovely, sunshiny weekend! That's for the sunny picture!

  2. The camp letter...tears streaming down my face! We have three boys so I get it. You have the best lists.

  3. I love the art in the Kiki and Polly shop! Very Hockney-ish! I know what you are saying about the yellow room...the bamboo pieces are great though ( with a new fabric)

    The Arts by Karena

  4. Thanks for this great post! Keep them coming!

  5. Oh my gosh - that letter just killed me with laughter :)))


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