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Y'all I feel so cool right now.  I am featured today on one of my new favorite web sites SetSipServe.   See all of that blue and white goodness up there?  That's me!

* You know how sometimes you take a really good selfie and you think, "gosh, I look pretty, I should post this so people can see how pretty I can be" (admit it, you've thought that), that's how I feel about seeing my blue and white table up there next to my name and my blog.  

There's a slideshow on the front page of SetSipServe featuring my outdoor blue and white table setting with all of my pretty wedding china! 

* My lovely neighbor Samantha Gleaton took the photos because I'm only good with the iPhone.  She's moving to San Diego so if any of y'all live out there and want amazing pictures of your children, she's the one to call.  She's awesome. 

They also offer some blue and white splurges and steals, a recipe for Miso Salmon & Cucumber Salad that would be the perfect dish for a fancy daytime lunch (making it ASAP), and a very sweet introduction to Belclaire House.  

It's such an honor to be singled out by what I consider to be a really fabulous resource for all things entertaining.  I have been entertaining a lot lately, and I have found that the Internets can be an overwhelming place to turn for inspiration.  There's just soo much out there and I've often felt that I have to turn to 12 different resources before I feel like I have an overall idea of how I want my little festivity to go.  

When Annie & Benton created SetSipServe, they were obviously in my same boat because, y'all, they totally got it right (and I'm not just saying that because they wrote really sweet things about me and my little blog).  The site offers recipes, tablescapes, party themes, places to shop and advice from legit style experts. It's all nicely laid out and easy to navigate, which the design nerd in me finds incredibly satisfying. So I'm happy to send y'all their way today, but I suspect I will be doing that quite a bit in the future.   

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  1. Congratulations, Jennifer!!! What a gorgeous tablescape!! And thank you for introducing me to SetSipServe... I'm heading over to check it out now!

    The Glam Pad

  2. Tres impressive! I have already bought the miso to recreate the recipe. Wish me luck in taking the next step ie actually making. Am so impressed you actually use Gwyneth's book. I too have it. But each time I look I see the dreaded (refer to another page for another recipe) ingredient. And it is closed again!


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