Bedside Manners

Sometimes when I have something really important to do, I do something else. 25 loads of laundry waiting for me? No problem! I'll just style up my bedside table. That'll help. 

Here is the fruit of my procrastination.  

My bedside table is actually an old desk that was supposed to be a temporary changing table while the baby slept in the bassinet. But I like the surface area it provides. I can clutter up a bedside table like a pro, so it's staying for now. I wish I'd taken a "before." It was pretty special.  

I brought up some flowers from downstairs and I've decided I like to wake up to fresh flowers. It sounds kind of cheesy, but it really does brighten up my morning.  Since no one but my family ever ends up in my room let alone the far corner of the bedroom, it often gets neglected. 

My bridesmaids spontaneously dancing around me in one of the silliest, weirdest moments that only my crazy friends could create. It's one of my favorite photos. 

Also, notice my book, The Wonder of Boys. I still don't totally get boys, but I highly recommend this book.  I'm only a few chapters in, but maybe by the end, I'll understand them a little better ;) 

So that's that. Now off to play superhero dinosaur excavator and wild baby entertainer at the same time. 

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