Summer Stuff, Part 1

Well, I made it to the beach after all. I didn't think I would get to come this year so I'm feeling pretty lucky right now. I'll try and blog random bits from my phone. I wish I could share every moment of my vacation with y'all because I know you would appreciate it all. But then that would be kind of weird, too. Maybe I could do a vacation-style video blog, like when Brooke Burke did Wild On for E!, except it would be the mom-in-a-muumuu version where I read a magazine cover to cover and show you how to sunbathe without ever sitting down. Yes? No? (Just kidding, I will never make you watch a video of me talking about my vacation. That would be absurd.) 

Anyway, sorry to be weird. Here's what I have for y'all today. 

The house we're staying in has great, neutral bedrooms. 

Last night I made this avocado and cucumber soup from It's All Good.  (reminds me a lot of vichyssoise)

Even though my girl G probably only owns powerful blenders, I can tell you a regular old commoner's blender will work just fine. 

Tonight, I'm making This BLT Salad.  (I think it's my favorite salad ever). 

I picked up the latest Domino magazine at the airport.

 I loved this little vignette from artist and cover-lady Sally King Benedict's house. Her whole house is great and full of art that's not just her own, although a house full of only her work wouldn't be a bad thing at all!  I just think she's super cute and talented. 

(I'm pretty sure her artist friend, Mary Nelson Sinclair, whose work is in the above picture, studied under the preschool tutelage of The Suze back in her teaching days. Small world!) 

Also in Domino, this Miami hotel, Casa Tua. I've never had a huge desire to go to Miami, but this might change my mind. 

Apologies for the above. Go get the magazine. It's a good issue! 

Have a great Monday! xo

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