Moodboard Monday: Pretty Pillows

Pretty Pillows

I have a pillow hoarding problem. I haven't bought any of these ... yet. It's only a matter of time. If I had to choose between buying new pillows and clothes for my children, I'd buy new pillows. Just kidding (am I?). It's just so easy to indulge a decorating whim with a small cushion change. And the kids love pillows, too. Nest building, y'all.   It's the thing to do when you're three years old.  So really, if I buy these, I'm doing it for the children.  For the children y'all. 

Right now I have two color schemes I'm gravitating toward. As you can see above, I'm finding myself drawn to blue and white mixed with deep teal and shades of greenish-blue.  I'll save the other brighter color scheme for next week (oooh the suspense, I know).  But this is the color scheme I seem to be using most in my house right now. 

All of the pillows above come from Les Indiennes Shop, Society Social, Furbish or my new obsession Lacefield Designs.

Top Row: 1/2/3/4
 Middle Row: 1/2/3/4
Bottom Row: 1/2/3/4

* This post brought to you by a broken straightening iron, which kept the baby entertained for about 4 1/2  minutes until the brother came in and tried to tie him up with the cord so he could easily jump over him. So now they're both sitting in my lap because that's the only safe place for them to be while I type.


  1. I have the same affliction! The beauty is changing the pillow cases makes me feel as if I've redecorated the whole room. Move forward with your purchase, after all, it's for the children. ;)

  2. Jennifer, thank you for including Lacefield pillows in this pretty round up! XO

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