Have a Lovely Weekend!

A nice moment in my house with my new blue & white bowls

Hello Friends! I was determined to get a weekend links post up today despite the fact that both children want to sit on my lap while I type, and I have to periodically indulge Edward's requests to look up dinosaurs on YouTube.  I hope y'all have a lovely weekend!

I have a cold right now, and I'm certain this tissue box cover would make me better 

I want these hand towels, too

A lovely notepad for me to write down things for other people to do

I want to hang out in my friend Tobe's little girl nursery!

A blue & white platter like the bowls above

For those who watched Southern Charm for the houses like me 
(although I loved the Kathryn/TRav ending, true reality genius) 

I'll take everything on this Mother's Day gift guide

How to pronounce certain decor words so you don't sound like an amateur
(I always pronounce Ikat wrong) 

Somebody get this for The Suze!

"I can't thank you enough"

In other news, I think I can finally spill the beans that The Suze and my dad are finally making some upgrades in their house.  This has been a long time coming and The Suze is very nervous.  Now that all four kids (spanning 14 years!) are mostly out of the house, their needs have changed so while it's a different kind of renovation than The Suze had always imagined, I think they are going to be really happy with the results.  I hope she lets me share some pics with y'all!

Below is our kitchen, completely ripped out! I'm so intrigued by the wallpaper uncovered.  I think it's gorgeous! I know it wasn't there when we moved in so it makes me wonder about all of the changes the house went through before us. 


  1. I can see why you were intrigued. That wall paper is beautiful! Have a great, and restful weekend.

  2. just bought the platter version of your bowls today! love!!

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