Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend!


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This looks like Heaven, no?  I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.  We are hanging out at home and grilling out.  I just spent a wonderful, relaxing weekend in Palm Springs with a bunch of cute young girls for my sister-in-law's Bachelorette party.  And while I missed my boys, it was so nice to sit by the pool and chat about girl stuff with full confidence that every person there is a skilled swimmer and fully capable of applying sunscreen.  It's the little things y'all.

Enjoy these linkies!


Follow The Potted Boxwood - she's my friend and she's fabulous (with a blog soon to come!)

Also, follow You Did Not Eat That - because it would not occur to me to photograph something I'm just pretending to eat (skinny girl secret?) and I want whomever is behind this to be my friend

Something, I did eat that's not very cute:

Veganaise & Pesto

Veganaise + Pesto = goood 
(Thanks Gwyneth) 
(yes, Veganaise is really good) 
(like, I may like it better than mayo) 

But really G? Do they? My kids go crazy for things like marshmallows and watermelon and baby honey sandwiches. 

This shirt makes a great swimsuit cover up.
Trust me. The young girls I was with this weekend told me :)

I want a cruiser bike.  This one seems reasonable for someone who can't quite remember how to ride a bike (insert embarrassed face emoji) 

I also want an aquamarine (sigh)

A pretty amazing before and after

A perfectly chic ice bucket that would look good anywhere

Definitely trying this Kale Citrus Salad

Boy Mom Truths (the fork thing killed me)

How to be rich 

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  1. Enjoy your holiday weekend......sounds like a relaxing one!


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