Awesome Things

So the other day Edward was playing at our cute neighbor's house, and when her mom told her to make sure Edward stays by her side, the little girl turned to him and said, "Ed-wuld, you stay by me. Even if you see something awesome, don't go look at it."

That 4-year old totally has my 3-year old and I pegged.  We get easily distracted by something awesome. 

Now, I'm going to ask you to do the opposite and look at these 7 awesome things.  I need you to relish in them with me.  I have been paid to tell you about none of them.  I get paid in feelings of smug satisfaction that I told y'all about something awesome. 

Awesome Thing #1: This Tote. It's awesome.  I would put it right in my family room and hide toys in it.  Or I would carry it around all summer.  My friends would say, "that bag is soo you."

What makes it more awesome is that a lovely reader and fellow KC/Texan saw it, thought of me and commented with the link.  It's basically Christmas when that happens.  When y'all send me links to things you think I'll like a.) you're always right, which is so cool, and b.) it warms my heart. (Thank you Kathryn!)

Awesome Thing #2: Gwyneth Paltrow's cookbook It's All Good: Delicious, Easy Recipes That Will Make You Look Good and Feel Great and specifically this recipe I made a couple nights ago. 

Of course, I tweaked it a bit because I was working with what I had in the kitchen and I'm not on such a restrictive diet. I do what I can, but I don't go crazy over it. 

* My changes: no cilantro (love it, didn't have it, didn't find it worth taking the kids to the grocery store for it), sweet peppers instead of tomatoes, red onion instead of scallions and slow cooked shredded chicken with taco seasoning for some meat (for Kip, because he's always confused by meatless meals).  

Oh and I just threw it all together and tossed it with the dressing. 

Need to step up my food photography skills

It was heavenly, as is everything I've made from her cookbook. 

Awesome Thing #3: This (Unstyled) Peony I Stole From My Neighbor (sorry!) 

Yep, I did that. But in my defense, the neighbors are moving next week (I'm super sad) and many of the peonies on the bush were succumbing to the wilt. I just couldn't let that happen to this beauty. 

I almost plucked this one too but decided to just take the obligatory stylized blogger photo. 

(VSCOcam app. Get it. Also awesome)

Pretty right? I may even print this and put it somewhere. I love the Social Print Studio app for printing iPhone pictures. Great quality and quick delivery. 

That was like 4 awesome things in one. 

Awesome Thing #4: These Gorgeous Monogrammed Hemstitch Napkins from Madison in Dallas 

My sister is working at Madison this summer,  and it is all I can do not to call her all day and ask her to talk to me about all of the pretty things in the store.  

Awesome Thing #5: How to Fold a Fitted Sheet. Game-changer. 

It's become my new party trick. 

Awesome Thing #6: Another legit party trick. It works. 

Baby spoon in a champagne bottle. Keeps it bubbly for the next day. But really, who doesn't finish a bottle of champagne (yes Mom, I just read your mind).

Awesome Thing #7: These. 

Le Bebe Thighs. 

You're welcome. 



  1. This post made my day!!! Every, single, thing, is awesome. Seriously......

  2. Great awesomeness Jennifer!! Love it all!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. Love it all but the most awesome thing here are those darling little thunder thighs....too cute!!

  4. I dying over those thighs…wish they could be cute when you're my age!! Loved the video on folding the fitted sheet. Happy weekend!!


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