Moody Spring Flowers

Y'all, my bestie from college is coming to visit today and I couldn't be more excited! She's coming with her fiancé all the way from Charleston, and I'm afraid Kansas City will not be welcoming them with beautiful spring weather.  So yesterday I headed to Trader Joe's and loaded up on flowers, chocolates and adult beverages in hopes of giving them a nice welcome. 

This is literally my first time arranging flowers in any way. The closest I've come in the past is removing the baby's breath from a bouquet of roses. I'm not even an amateur. I'm an infant. But the flowers at Trader Joe's were so pretty that I got a little ambitious. I really want to take a class on floral arranging because I know there are so many tricks beyond just putting them in a vase. The end result was a bit moody and haphazard, but I'm enjoying them nonetheless. 

So here are the fruits of my labor.  Be gentle. 


  1. Love them all. That little silver vase at the bottom is gorgeous.
    TJ's flowers are so cheap. It's fun to grab a few bouquets and take them apart to rearrange and put back together. Or I just grab a ton of their hydrangea and put them all over the place.

  2. They look beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful time with your friend.

  3. Absolutely perfect Jennifer! If you make the flowers pleasing to you they will be to others as well!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. Shut the front door! They look fantastic. You're a natural...


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