Happy Easter! (and a little request)

* brotherly love in its purest form

I hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend! I wanted to take a moment to spread some love. I almost never blog about church or my faith because I know not everybody's into that and well, this blog's just not that deep. But this is a blog about my home and my home is in a  wonderful community, one that has really come together and made me realize how lucky I am to be a part of it. A week ago this community was rocked by a horrific hate crime when a former member of the KKK took the lives of 3 people. I'm sure many of you saw the news of the shootings at the Jewish Community Center and Village Shalom. For us, it was not just another shooting, it was our neighbors. Two of the victims, a 14 year old boy and his grandfather, belonged to my church and while I did not know them personally, it brings it that much closer to home. 

Now I so don't want to be a downer. It's Easter after all!  Lots of kids in cute outfits, bunnies and flowers.  It's a happy day and for many of us it's a day to remember that hate will never have the last word. So I wanted to encourage all my readers to go out and do something loving for someone else this week. In the spirit of the victims, let's spread some love.  I'm seeing it in my own community, and I can tell you it's inspiring and infectious.  Also, since this is a decorating blog, it will make you love your house more ;) Trust me. It's science. Doing loving things for others makes everything prettier. 

* these wonderful people held up signs for the westboro baptist picketers outside of our church during the funeral of 14 year-old, Reat Underwood, and his grandfather.  I think it pretty much sums up the Easter message.

 (Photo via http://news.yahoo.com/photos/hundreds-counter-protesters-line-street-response-protest-anti-photo-002204478.html) 


  1. Such a tragedy! Yes, we all need to keep them in prayer. We have a living hope in our Christ Jesus, and we need to spread that love to others. Thanks for the reminder!!!

  2. That was so horrible..the news lately has been incredibly tough to hear. Such a senseless crime, i am all for spreading the love and being kind to one another.....on a brighter note hope you had a wonderful and happy Easter.

  3. Love is the only sane response to such madness. Best wishes!

  4. This blog brought tears to my eyes. Your boys are so beautiful, I love how close they are! Yes, love is the best response for such a terrible tragedy. LOVE WINS.

  5. hhappy easter and yes love wins, we will make sure. we had some horrific news here ourselves and i am thinking that something with hate crimes is going on...
    we must change that ... good point Jen!
    xo z

  6. This is so great. I'm happy you brought this up, I too felt it was horrific and I don't live in your state. I think our best defense of hatred is to spread love and kindness. What a wonderful suggestion/favor. i'm happy to oblige.
    Enjoy your week.


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