Boy Wallpaper: Brunschwig & Fils Battle of Valmy

Morning y'all! While I'm nowhere near doing anymore decorating in the boys' rooms, I have fallen in love with this awesome Brunschwig & Fils Battle of Valmy Wallpaper

Bailey McCarthy used it in the little boy's room of her latest Project Holly.  The entire home is featured on Style Me Pretty Living.

The owner was inspired to used the wallpaper after seeing this room in D Magazine

I love all of the colors, the pretty typeface and the whimsical coat of arms feel in each of the illustrations.  Plus, as I'm learning, boys love things like weapons and horses and battles.  (I swear, Edward can turn anything into a sword).  This is the kind of wallpaper a little boy could sit in his bed and study when the lights go out, making up stories and names for each of the soldiers.  I just love the idea of using decor to create a bit of nostalgia for your children when they're young.  Something that will always be part of the backdrop of their memories. 

Do y'all ever think about things like that in your decorating?


  1. Love this wallpaper. Actually love almost all of B&F wallpaper. It must be a lot harder to decorate a boys room that a girls room. We lived with Pepto Bismal pink for years!!

  2. love this paper! thanks for sharing - such a cute idea for little boys!!

  3. That paper is fab! I think it will grow with your son for years too!!

  4. Jennifer I love the wallpaper and with the green rug, wow!

    2014 Artists Series

  5. That is that it is whimsical yet so classic at the same time, my absolute favorite company, their things are just "beyond".


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