My computer and I are going through a temporary "conscious uncoupling."  

We're on Spring Break. Kind of. Gone are the days where I stood awkwardly in the boom boom room at Club La Vela while girls took the "thong song" a little too seriously (Spring Break 2000 was a special time).  Now I'm just where I ought to be: curled up on The Suze's couch and watching Bravo, while people bring me queso, and then happily play dinosaurs with Edward and hold my baby (who never stops moving. Ever. Never. Ever.). And even though I really miss Kip, I'm glad he gets to go hit golf balls after work with nary a side-eye from me. 

It's good to take a little break, enjoy your family, and Snapchat the family members who can't be there to make them jealous. 

Since I won't be back to the blog until Monday (Tuesday, let's be honest), I will leave you with this tale of caution. That special (awful) Spring Break 2000 in Panama City, FL, I found my friend talking to a reporter by the hotel pool. I got there just in time to hear her spelling her last name for him. 

A week later, we learned what she said to that reporter when her father, a kind, good, professional man, asked her to go get the front page of the Life section of USA Today.  He'd had a few copies placed on his desk by his colleagues and coworkers. (Spoiler: he wasn't laughing) 

There it was. 

"Soaked in an overabundance of Captian Morgan's, H--- M---*,19, University of M----, proclaims, 'You only live your life once. So you have to live your life and you have to do your life. So everybody do your Spring Break!'" 

* names and schools have been vaguely obscured to protect my friend who's actually an intelligent and functioning member of society now. 

Moral of the story: always be sure they quote you while drinking a fine red or respectable champagne - for posterity's sake. 


  1. Great story, Jennifer. Glad this Spring Break stage is almost over. For my girls, that is. Enjoy your time at your Mom's.

  2. You are as ever, hilarious. I'd love another shot at spring break, but in a nicer hotel with better quality booze. Enjoy your time with your Mom.

  3. Great story! It brings back memories.....ahhhhh youth. Now a days everything's posted on FB. Hahaha
    Have a great weekend.


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