Have a Lovely Spring Weekend Y'all!

Thank you friends for all of the coffee table suggestions!  Y'all had some great ideas.  When I get it painted, I'll be sure to style it up all nice an unrealistic for a family with toddlers and share some pictures ;) Enjoy your weekend!

This fantastically floral garden room is from this lovely Louisiana home

I'm down with placid blue 

I can't wait to try these Korean beef bowls

(And do I need to read The Goldfinch?)

This fabric is real nice

This is hilarious and so my sense of humor

Of course, I'm going to try ALL of these drugstore buys

I'm not one to be negative, but this house's interior is spectacularly ugly

Brass lovers, visit my girl's Hunter's Alley shop on the reg


  1. I love your Friday blog posts, Jennifer!

  2. Great links this week! I have seen the purple house before but I did not realize its in the tiny town some of my English cousins are from!

  3. Thanks for the amazing links Jennifer and enjoy the brisk weekend!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. thank you so much for the link, jennifer. I have had a great time exploring your blog.

    all my best, donna

  5. Great links. I am in love with this sunroom!! Have a great weekend!


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