Craigslist Coffee Table

This happened yesterday. 

And I pounced. These tables, painted, go for $1200 on One Kings Lane. 

It's a little on the small side for the room, and the top looks like it's been the platform for many games of quarters. But I love the shape and it's good solid wood. 

So now I need painting suggestions.  It's definitely going to get painted.  Originally, I thought glossy black, but I'm worried it will be too much black in the room. The rug is so bold that I don't want it to compete. Maybe an off-white? A glossy olive? 

I love the look of these tables, but don't know if I could replicate it on this table. 

Any ideas, y'all? 


  1. You should try! Would be stunning.

  2. How about a grey-blue? With a black distressed top. This table is super cool. What a lucky find.

  3. I would pull colors and shapes from the rug, painting the legs a shiny burgundy and the top navy with a cream stenciled shape pulled from the rug stenciled on top.

  4. Wow I think its a yes! Love the idea of a high gloss, how about navy or moss green? Off white would be pretty (and safe) though not nearly as dramatic..what a find!

  5. Great table! I would consider a dark color, safe with black. Maybe deep bugandy or a dark blue green. I think an off white table wouldn't give you the "punch" you need since you have light couch.

  6. I would go with a deep Chinese lacquer red (cinnabar)

  7. Congrats on the score! How about navy or dark green since you have such a vibrant rug? Can't wait to see what you decide.

  8. What a find!! Lucky you, I have been looking for one just like it on CL!! I cannot wait to see what color you paint it. Any of these colors mentioned would be so lovely. Also, I absolutely love your sofa!! Is it from Williams Sonoma?

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