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Welhil Interiors
I love a room where the walls, ceiling and architectural details are all painted the same color, especially when it's a color that can read green or blue depending on the light.  When you take away the contrast and the white, it makes the color even more mysterious.  It also makes a cool color suddenly feel warm.  It's how I would use a color like Sherwin Williams Copen Blue, which can be a little bright in the sunlight and a little too beachy next to stark white. 

As I said earlier, I decided to use Sherwin Williams Sea Salt on our dining room ceiling.  The more I look at it, the more I love the color.  It's not as bright as it looks in pictures on the web and not as dull as it looks on the color swatch.  I'm just waiting on my painter to fit me in.  Thank you all so much for the sweet comments on our dining room the other day!  I'm starting to really love the room and how old school it looks.  There's nothing really cool or trendy about it, but I kind of like that.  Kip bought the dining table and chairs from a family friend when he bought what became our old house.  I liked it, but I wanted to do something "cooler," like Pantone chairs around a farmhouse table or something weird like that.  I'm so glad I didn't follow the trends I was seeing on the blogs at the time.  Now as I decorate our new and probably forever home, I'm trying to ask myself, do I like it because it's trendy or do I really think it's pretty?  Because ultimately, I really like pretty.

I hope y'all have a lovely weekend!

For those of y'all who loved our dining room chairs, they're from here

Congrats to my friend Jenny, who stumbled across two of her paintings in the new issue of Domino!
(also I love the bathroom she posted and her advice on how not to kill it - word)

I'm totally copying this dinner party menu when we finally use our dining room. 

Before & After Dining Room (spoiler alert: the "after" is blue and white)

In Which We Learn About Strapping (a decorator detail not a disciplinary technique for toddlers)

I love everything about this wedding, especially the trees


  1. Love your links and glad to find out I do laundry better (: and lucky to have Miele modern machines...
    But the all blue dining room is my dream(: we did that in our dining and despite that I don't have the wood panelling nor fireplace there, it is lovely... We chose Benjamin's Moore mt. St. Anne French blue.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. You always show the most inspiring photos! Have a great weekend!


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