Dining Room Ceiling: Picking Paint Colors

Morning! Ok, can I just put everyone who comments on my blog on speed dial?  Y'all are the best, especially when it comes to design dilemmas.  You always lead me in the right direction.  Thank you!

So I thought I'd share a little bit of my thought process that goes into picking paint colors.  I'm as impatient as the next person when I decide I want to paint something.  But since we plan on staying in this house for awhile (forever), I want to be more thoughtful about my choices.   (This could be the most boring post ever or super helpful, maybe)

Yesterday, I picked up some paint samples from Sherwin Williams.  I never made it to the place that sells Benjamin Moore because kids.

I picked one color based on pictures I'd seen online (Topsail), one based on y'all's advice (Sea Salt), and one I just liked while I was in the paint store (Copen Blue) 

Here they are painted on some boards.  I didn't trust my skills when it came to testing them on on the actual ceiling. 

Top: Copen Blue SW0068
Bottom Left: Sea Salt SW 6204 (as recommended in the comments yesterday. Thank you, Beth!)
Bottom Right: Topsail SW6217

All of the colors are really great colors that I'm going to keep in my "file" in case I ever get that second home (dream big people) or I decide to redecorate my whole house (kidding Kip).  

I quickly eliminated Topsail because it was a bit cooler than I wanted for the room.  Although, I'm still in love with the way Tobi Fairley used it in this kitchen

Then, as I tend to do, I quickly became totally obsessed with a color and tried to make it "the one."  

SW Copen Blue
BUT this is why it's important to take a chill pill, test a color and let it be in the room through out the day while you do your thing.  Because as much as I LOVE Copen Blue, it just wasn't working in the room, especially as it relates to the rest of the house.  It was too heavy and a bit too Tiffany Blue in this midday light. 

Copen Blue
But you know what was working?  Sea Salt.

Sea Salt

Almost everyone on Facebook agreed that the right looked better.  But I still loved the color on the left and wanted to make it work. 
Left: Copen Blue; Right: Sea Salt

Here's how the room looks when you're standing in the family room/entry area.  See how the ceiling just needs something?

Clearly, I can never escape a dinosaur photobomb in my house pics.
My biggest concern with Sea Salt was that it would either be too minty or too green in different lights. 

Here it is on top around the five o'clock hour (when mommy starts pouring wine).  I loved how it sort of matches the color of the sky in the painting.  

 And here it is in the morning light.  

So I'm pretty sure Sea Salt is the winner.  I'm going to sit with it for a few more days.  Sorry for giving you a million pictures of my dining room, but I've learned so many lessons over the years when it comes to picking paint colors.  Basically, don't be hasty, y'all!

Which one do y'all like better? 


  1. Love that you're using sea salt! I tend to like a color on a swatch and then hate it on a wall. That's how I would feel about the copen blue. Do you follow Blue Eyed Bride on insta? She used Sea Salt cut to 50% on her whole downstairs and I fell in love. I've been trying to convince Matthew to re-paint our dining room in that color and I think I have him sold on using it in our master bedroom. Such a pretty shade.

  2. Testing and living with it has been the best solution for me! I like both, but I still can't take my eyes off your CHAIRS! Still loving them....

  3. My favorite SW color is called Filmy Green.

  4. Copen Blue is beautiful but I feel like it competes with your rug. The Seas Salt does exactly what you want…gives you a hint of something without being overpowering. It is going to look beautiful. Fingers crossed I can start on our dining room this spring.

  5. We just painted our den a color I hate...guess what I'm doing this afternoon? I like the sea salt too!

  6. Jennifer, your dining room is absolutely beautiful!! I'm quite certain that Theresa approves, although she would never let you know it. ;) And I love that you are painting your ceiling "haint blue"... such a lovely Southern tradition! Both of your paint options are fabulous... The Copen Blue seems to give more of a "pop" while the Sea Salt is a bit more subtle. I cannot wait to see the end result!

    The Glam Pad

  7. I like the sea salt also.
    And,I love a room painted all one color. There is something very dramatic about it. I just had some rooms repainted and started to do that but backed out. next I will paint molding ceiling and everything one color.

  8. love both of those colors but sea salt would be my favorite. one tip - hold the board that you painted up above your head (you probably have already thought of this!) because it changes the color so much when it's on the ceiling where the light isn't catching it as much. i painted one of my boy's rooms SW hinting blue and then used it on the ceiling in my other son's room and it's completely different! much grayer on the ceiling than on the walls. good luck! can't wait to see what you decide!

  9. Did you ever end up painting your ceiling? Do you have pictures?? Thinking of using Sea Salt or BM Ocean Air.


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