Around the House: The Dining Room is painted!

Theresa is mildly impressed
Look, we painted the dining room! 

Theresa was giving me the side-eye every time I walked by her.  She thinks indecision is a sign of weakness.

The wall color is Farrow & Ball Clunch on recommendation from Holly from Things That Inspire.  (She did her dining room in the same color here). The trim is the same color as the rest of the house (Benjamin Moore Simply Irresistable) so it's slightly darker with a bit more yellow in it. 

I'm really, really happy with how it turned out.  It completely brightened up the room. 


That white ceiling does nothing for me.

It's begging for some color.

We're going to go the Southern route and throw a little "haint blue" up there.  "Haint blue" refers to the low country tradition of painting your porch ceilings blue to ward off evil spirits and bugs.  It can be lots of different shades of blue.  

Husk (yummm) via Carolina Collegiate
If anyone has ever had the pleasure of all of your children crying at the same time, while you're on a conference call, and furniture delivery people are at the door so your dog is barking like a maniac, you understand my need to ward off evil spirits.  That happened Friday.  It was special.  More on that later.

So before I can do anything else in the dining room, I have to go get paint samples, which is only my favorite thing to do ever.  The color I want is an "I'll know it when I see it" color.   The ever elusive, light-specific, perfect greenishbluishgrayish color that I'm always trying to find. I can see it in my head, but can never quite get it right.

Kind of similar to what I'm seeing on my screen in this room by Cathy Kincaid, who uses this color often and well. 

I really like the subtlety of the blue on this porch.

Maybe something like Sherwin Wiliams Topsail, which is used on the cabinets in this kitchen by Tobi Fairley.

Or we could go a little bolder with  Benjamin Moore's Woodlawn Blue, as seen on this porch ceiling

Another option is the ever popular Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue:

Any other suggestions? I'm all ears!

I'll keep you updated!


  1. So many things I love about this room! The painting, the color, but it's your chairs that get me. I love them. I painted my bathroom ceilings blue and love the way I feel in the room, but your southern story is cool. I like it even more after hearing that.

  2. Try SW Sea Salt. Love it. Similar to the Cathy Kincaid color you show only lighter.

  3. Looking good over there. I tend to go neutral, as colors require too much thinking, you look and sound like you know just what you are doing..making "your" kale salad later today....

  4. I painted BM's Palladian Blue in a big test square on a wall and it is much, much lighter and brighter than I thought it was going to be and than it looks in that picture above. I also got a sample of the Wythe Blue (same color card, just one shade darker), and it's darker and muddier and it looks a lot more like the shade that Palladian Blue shows up on the screen. Can't wait to see what you choose!

  5. You might try Benjamin Moore Gray Horse. I used for the tray ceiling in our master bedroom. I love it at night and in daylight.

  6. Love your dining room Jennifer, and the Haint Blue would be perfect...
    The Arts by Karena

  7. My designer likes to paint the whole room in the same color, often using satin on wall, semigloss on trim, flat on ceiling.

    Another interesting source of inspiration is to look at F&B recommended color combinations.

  8. Forgot to say, the Clunch looks great!

    Love the picture of the porch with the soft blue.

  9. I painted my bedroom Woodlawn Blue, and here's an important caution for you: Look at it in all light levels before you commit! The room is gorgeous for 17 minutes a day, when the sun has gone down and a smoky bluegreygreen envelopes the space at dusk. The rest of the time it looks like a disco in Miami Beach, yikes! Light screams in the windows of the room, and Woodlawn Blue screams back in minty green. Beautiful images in this post! Best wishes.

  10. On my monitor all of these samples have a touch of green to them. I am thinking you aren't having luck finding the blue you envision because you are attracted to colors that have green in them. (Always the case for me). Maybe a blue with more purple undertones vs green.

  11. O love that blue ceiling story. And think yours will look sensational in a blue/grey/green.


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