A Seventeenth-Century English Manor

Going on Day 2 of being snowed-in and I'm reminded why I put so much effort into making my home comfy and cozy.  I don't mind being snowed-in for a couple of days.  Edward hates clothes so leaving the house on a normal day is quite the task.  Usually, by the time I get him dressed I need a nap (and maybe a drink).  He's a home-body like me so he's happy to play with his toys and make forts (or "nests" as he calls them).  And I like to grab a snack and watch him play.  Snow days = eating days.

I had a moment this morning to flip through my new Jan/Feb 2014 The English Home, and I found a place I wouldn't mind lounging around on a snow day.  Naturally, it's a beautiful English Manor because I have to be all high-maintenance.  This pretty house known as Cornwell Manor has been home to the same family for the past 60 years.  How fun would it be to live in your childhood home (especially if it's a manor)?

How gorgeous is that armoire? And the chintz in the red room?  I'm pretty sure my best friend's mom had that chintz on her sofas in their library.  I spent a few Texas snow days drinking Dr. Pepper, eating goldfish and watching Saved By The Bell on those sofas.  I'm amazed she didn't make us sit on a blanket or plastic wrap!

The blue and white kitchen is adorable, too.  I love how the interiors in this magazine, while beautiful, are accessible.  Like you can picture yourself standing in even the fanciest room.  Natural wrinkles in a fabric cushion or pillow are not steam-ironed into oblivion.  That's what I want my house to feel like: pretty not precious.


  1. What I beautiful post. Funny too! I remember Saved by the Bell!
    I love the feel of this home and could defiantly enjoyed a childhood there.

  2. Jennifer , adore that armoire in the last image! I too love that my home is cozy and comfortable during this winter snowstorm in Kansas City!
    The Arts by Karena

  3. I hear you as calgary winters are long and often cold, minus 25 now!
    Love the cozy love able and livable home we have too(:
    CoY English homes are also my thing(: sometimes I would modernize them a little.... With the frenchnitalian feel I got but English countryside and manors are great!
    All mothers need a drink regularly! Beer is my thing(): hugs z

  4. That is my dream home! I love the chintz and really everything.

  5. After an earlier post about this magazine I headed over to B&N and bought myself a copy. It is a version printed for the US/Canada, and best I can tell it runs articles that ran in the UK version just a couple months prior. But you can subscribe for 6 issues/year for about 30USD. www.gbmags.com/home A subscription to the UK version is 12 issues/year for about 75USD at http://www.theenglishhome.co.uk/home Hope this helps those who are interested in getting a little bit of eye candy delivered!

  6. What a gorgeous manor. I'm with you on the eating front. Whenever I see snow I crave cookies. I better dug out soon! Enjoy your sweet boys!

  7. Such a beautiful home!! I love the timeless décor! Stay warm!

    The Glam Pad

  8. I could be so happy there! What a beautiful home and I totally agree with you about home being pretty not precious!


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