Slim Down Sunday: Week 3

Things to Remember: My baby weight helped make these juicy thighs.

Lbs of baby weight lost this week: 2.3 

Total weight loss:  18.9 lbs

Y'all, I am now within 5 lbs of my pre-pregnancy weight!  I'm starting to feel like I got this.  Part of me really wants to work really hard and knock it out next week, but we'll see.  If it doesn't happen, I'll be ok.  I'm just ready and motivated to start on my next set of goals (the I got married and comfortable weight). 

Speaking of goals,  I did not accomplish one thing on my goals list.  Not one. The closest thing I got to a healthy recipe was my slow cooker pot roast (fairly healthy) and the sushi I ordered last night.  I watched my portions, kept close to my calorie goals and tried to make good choices. 

And while I did not do any actual exercise, I don't feel too bad because I was running around after my kids like a chicken with my head cut off this week. 

How does one "run around" after a sedentary 5-month-old who can only just roll over? 

Let me illustrate: 

I put Baby Christopher on a blanket with a toy in the family room.  Edward wants milk. 
I run to the kitchen.  Christopher screams like he's dying (classic second child trick/survival skill).
I run to the family room. Edward wants a fruit snack.
I carry Christopher to the kitchen, get a fruit snack, open it with one hand and some teeth (mom skillz). Christopher has a blowout.
I run to the family room where the diapers are. We're out of wipes. They are upstairs.
I run upstairs with the baby get wipes. Doorbell rings. Dog barks. Am I wearing pants?
I run downstairs. It's just UPS. (The box will sit there until the next person rings my doorbell and tells me I have a package outside).
I have forgotten about Christopher's diaper. My arm is warm. I remember Christopher's diaper. He needs a bath. I need new clothes.
I run upstairs to the bath. Edward is downstairs yelling about something. I yell back that he shouldn't yell. He wants another fruit snack. Too bad. Mom-guilt sets in.
After bath and new clothes, I run downstairs. Edward now wants chocolate. No way. Unless he goes potty or cleans. He wants to go potty.
I put Christopher down in the lamby (strapped in). He freaks.
Edward is already in the potty trying to do it himself.
Christopher is successfully trying to get out of the lamby.
Edward missed the potty.
I get Christopher.
I get a towel.
I clean the bathroom one handed whilst juggling a back-diving baby. 
Edward wants a fruit snack. 

That is about 20 minutes of any given day for me.

It is the reason exercise is so important to me.  Clearly, I can lose weight without exercise.  But I can also lose my mind.  I need those endorphins.  I need the energy.  Because despite how exhausting it sounds, I love that I have the privilege of running around after these crazy kids.

Here's to a new week!

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  1. I'm out of breath just reading about 20 minutes in your shoes! 5 LBS to go, so close!

  2. Love love this :) Sooo true - all of it. And my goodness amaze balls re so close to pp number. Congratulations!!

  3. Your blog is fo funny! Love it..I'm crazy about paint colors and didnt know there was someone like me!
    Darien, CT

  4. You're doing amazing, and I have no doubt you'll be in that jcrew bikini before you know it. I'm exhausted just reading your day, but oh my they are so adorable!!

  5. Good for you! i am jealous (in a good friendly way lol) and inspired!! I would love to know more about you eating habits week to week, losing 3-4 pounds a week is so impressive!! I need to get busy but am just not feeling that motivated!! The kids are so cute, I bet they make all that running around so worth while:)
    Congrats on a job well done!

    1. Thank you! I pretty much eat what I want, I just try to stay within my calorie goal on I'm never ever under, but usually within 100 or 200 calories. I'll blog about it more next week. I think the 3-4 lbs has more to do with the fact that it's baby weight. I NEVER lose weight like that so it's kind of strange to me, but I'll go with it!

  6. Love kale! Your 2 boys are just adorable!!! Don't go crazy on weight loss!!!!! Please(:
    Xo z

    1. Thank you! You don't have to worry about that with me. I love food too much :)

  7. Too cute, jennifer I remember these days oh so well. My son and daughter are only 18 months apart!

    The Arts by Karena

  8. You are absolutely hilarious!! Love this post! CONGRATULATIONS on your weight loss, Jennifer!!! This is a HUGE accomplishment!! :)

    The Glam Pad


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