Pamela Anderson's Malibu Beach House

A long, long time ago The Suze and I loved to watch MTV Cribs together.  I loved seeing the framed Scarface posters in the rappers dining rooms (always), and The Suze got to pretend she was the cool mom who let us watch MTV.  I distinctly remember watching the episode with Pamela Anderson's beach house and The Suze and I shouting "oh my gosh that is sooo my style!!!"  It was very, very Shabby Chic at the very beginning of the huge Shabby Chic trend.   Looking back, it's sooo NOT my style anymore, but at the time the idea of slipcovers, distressed everything and super-girly fabrics was genius and made me feel a sort of kinship to the Baywatch babe. 

You can see screen shots from the MTV Cribs episode over at Hooked On Houses

Well, now she has another beach house in Malibu (some girls have all the luck).  It's featured in Coastal Living and while she definitely sticks to her girly roots, it's much more toned down .  Shabby Chic's own Rachel Ashwell helped her design it and I have to say I really love the clean lines and focus on quality materials.  I can definitely appreciate this more modern Shabby Chic look!

Having pink flowers in every room of your house doesn't hurt either :)


  1. Oh yes, much better, chic, and still feminine!
    The Arts by Karena

  2. Ha funny I remember seeing it too.....and remember actually being surprised that she had ahem....good taste:) I will have to check out her new pad....glad to hear she is still able to afford fancy beach houses:)

  3. It is pretty fun place, the linen bedding is just looking like mine minus the pink flowers(: perhaps i should try that sometime....
    xo Z

  4. Gorgeous. A more modern spin on Shabby Chic. I love her floors.


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