Moodboard Monday: Meet Theresa!

Helloo Friends! Did Christmas happen?  I can't remember.  It went by wayyyy too quickly if it did.   Actually, the only reason I know Christmas really happened is because we have a billion more toys and I am now the proud owner of this gal!

Meet Theresa
This is Theresa. And if you were wondering, yes, she's judging you.  She may be just a shepherd lady, but she owns it.  Her sheep don't cross her and they never stray.

She thinks you're weak and silly.

She once had a boyfriend who offered another young maiden some bread. She loosened the screws of his wheel barrow and he lost 3 days wages. Then she killed his chickens. 
 Theresa wants to know what you're complaining about.  Whatever it is, she thinks it's dumb.  Her motto is: You get what you get and you don't throw a fit.  
Theresa has never cried.

If you're my Facebook friend, you already know this.  It was quite a shock.  I thought she was gone.  Last time I went to the antique shop where she lived for over a year, she wasn't there, and I really wanted to cry.  I had made up this whole back story for her (see above), and the thought of her living with someone who didn't appreciate her was very upsetting.  It turns out, my in-laws were riding around town reading my blog and came across this post.  After I'm sure questioning just how I may have tainted the gene pool, they decided I had to have her for Christmas.  I mean, nicest in-laws ever.  Seriously. And yes, I cried when I saw her.

Sooo I'm pretty sure Theresa will live in the dining room, which needs some serious attention.   It was always my weird dream to have a portrait of a judge presiding over my dinner parties (see my explanation here).  But good Lord, if Theresa isn't the judgiest!

Judging the Dinner Parties

Y'all gave me great advice on painting the room and I'm going to take it and go light and neutral.  I think I'm going to go with the swatch on the top far left (Valspar Homestead Resort Parlor Taupe).  It's a taupey cream.  Kind of boring, but works well in the room.  We definitely need a new (bigger) buffet and to recover the chairs.  I want sort of a southern parlour feel if that makes any sense.

Here's what I'm thinking:

Dining Room Inspiration

Stay tuned!


  1. Your walls look like mine. I'm not going neutral for the walls though. Theresa is a real find. Enjoy.

  2. What lovely Inlaws indeed!!! I bet you were beyond shocked to unwrap it. Enjoy:)

  3. Theresa is fabulous! I just bought a lovely vintage portrait for myself over the holiday break and I love my lady too but apparently not enough because I haven't taken the time to give her a name or a story. I adore the mood board and the fab black credenza. Good luck with paint selection. I'm on my 4th dining room repaint. I think this one's going to stick though.

  4. OMG-I totally have Theresa's sister! Same background, same outfit, only she's facing the field and looking back over her shoulder. Spooky. Your dining room is going to be gorgeous. My painting is currently over the fireplace in the living room, but I may have to put her over my buffet now. Not that I'm a copycat.

    1. I'd love to see pictures! That's so crazy and thank you! Totally copy away. I love it!

  5. You seriously crack me up! The back story of Theresa made me laugh out loud during my lunch break! I like the wall color you chose, can't wait to see it all come together!

  6. I love your back story on Theresa. What a mind you have, to create such drama from a painting. I will never be able to look at another painting like that and not think of her. Or you for that matter! Thanks for the good laugh and sharing your funny story. For the record, I dig your in-laws! You married well....

    1. Thank you! Haha! I got lucky on the in-law front. They're just really nice people :)

  7. Great woman, great painting. Yes white is great choice especially since you love blue and white decor over all. I would like the white with a hint of gray almost not noticeable...cream white is not my thing (:
    have fun..sounds like a great project...hugs Z

  8. Oh, I love this sweet story!!! What thoughtful in-laws you have!! And Theresa looks so perfect in your GORGEOUS dining room... I'm sure she will witness some fabulous diner parties!! :)

    The Glam Pad


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