Moodboard Monday: Girly Boho Beachy Sunroom

Girly Boho Beachy Sunroom

This is what came out of my head this morning. It started with this fabulous sofa from Furbish that now that I think about it would be perfect for my library.  And this gorgeous nude figure study from Kerry Steele.  Its funny to see the final product when I play around.  It's not at all what originally envisioned, but maybe it's what I need.  A girly sun room that isn't too precious, but makes me feel sassy and glam. 

Hope you've had a lovely Monday!

Bachelor's tonight!


  1. Hi there, and yes, with all the men in your life (: it is not a bad idea to focus on a girl's room for you! love the sofa, the nude...have several nudes in the house the dining room even! What can i say, I am European and it fits there...people get more apetite (((:
    have fun! xo Z

  2. I was so busy this week that I did not notice your including my painting in an inspiration board. Thank you! and I love this casual mix BTW.


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