Have a Lovely Weekend!

Miles Redd - duh!

Baah! I fully intended to post everyday this week. I have lots to share, but some how the posts never manifested magically from my fingers. Laundry didn't manage to get done either and the toys did not put themselves away. I was really very busy, but I'm not sure with what at the end of the day.

Moms, especially stay-at-home moms of little ones (since they are usually attached to you at all times), do you ever feel like you spend all day doing stuff and you know you did a lot because you're exhausted  by the end of the day, yet you couldn't tell anyone what you actually did that day? I mean, some days I have nothing to show for my day even though I feel like I worked my tushy off.  I guess, that's part of the life of the stay-at-home mom.  It's obviously very rewarding in so many ways, I genuinely love it, but it's also hard to gage how you're doing because you don't get a paycheck, or a Christmas bonus and you can't really get fired, unless you're really bad. So you just have to keep going and hope you don't get a bill in the mail for $10,000 in therapy from your child 20 years from now.  Am I right? 

Anyway, The Suze is thankfully in town. We're going to spend the weekend getting this crew healthy and doing a magic voodoo dance to rid this house of kiddie germs.  Have a lovely weekend! 

Enjoy these links!
Speaking of Miles Redd - This Quote Justifies Everything I Stand For ;)

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I love a white kitchen, but this color is so delicious to me!

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(I'm so hungry right now)

In case anyone wanted to know what Lamar and Khloe's home looked like (or wanted to buy it)
It's very, um, Kardashian

A Dash (hehe ^^^) of Damask (and quite a different aesthetic from above)

I need some new stationery - these look perfect!

Establishing your morning routine - I need to tape this post to my forehead


  1. Hey! Loving the room and the colour scheme details...
    you are FUNNY and Yes I hear you well, 27 weeks pregnant with my second boy and sometimes I wonder what I have done on the given day...piles of laundry or cleaning or cooked and played with my sweet boy. Either way, I do get the blus about have I done enough? Am I loosing it? hmmm... I do less blogging now, more playing with him and I hired a cleaner to attend to the house...perhaps I will have time to read or finish my cook book or create something in spare time!
    I feel guilty for ever thinking that stay at home moms have nothing to do and are slacking ....in my younger days ((: Now it is pay back time... haha

  2. Thank you for including me in your Friday links, Jennifer! I always love them so!! I hope you are having fun with The Suze this weekend. :)

    The Glam Pad


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