Have A Grande Weekend!

* Image via The English Home

This blue kitchen caught my eye while I was flipping through my treasure find The English Home.  It's part of Port Eliot, one of the oldest continually inhabited house in England, dating back thousands of years before Henry VIII.  I would love to cook in here.  Much like I dream of sleeping in other people's bedrooms, I dream of cooking in fabulous kitchens.  I love how this is so different from the modern kitchens we see today.  And that blue is so wonderful.  Ahhh, in my next life I will be born into a grand English home like this one or Downton.  I'd be so great at it. 

I hope y'all have a lovely weekend!!

Enjoy these linkies:

We got a new sofa for the family room!  It looks just like this Restoration Hardware sofa.  It should be here on Valentine's Day!

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This tile floor is everything

The following links are to awesome posts from bloggers who've been so sweet to leave comments here on Belclaire House this week! They're all great posts I've enjoyed this week.  I so appreciate your support!

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  1. Love the sofa. The tufting is gorg!!!!


  2. You and me both. When we come back in that grand dame roll perhaps we'll be real life friends :-)

  3. Impressive kitchen, the charm of the old homes is just not possible to immitate...in newness. Laughing at your comment of dreaming of sleeping in other people's bedrooms!
    xo Z

  4. Imagine my surprise to see my post listed! Thank you for stopping by my blog. For the record, I'm still longing for more photos of Sue's home.
    Enjoy the weekend!

  5. A belated thank you for including me in your linkies!! Where did you find your sofa? We are in the market for a new one for our family room as well, and I love that one from RH!

    The Glam Pad


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