Have an Exquisite Weekend!

Morning Lovelies! Last night, after a day that seemed to last forever on top of a week that's seemed equally as long, I picked up this book my oldest friend gave all of her bridesmaids when she got married. I've skimmed through the pages now and again, but last night I decided to read it page by page and eventually cover to cover. My eyelids are too heavy to read a novel, but I'm craving an escape and a reminder of life's little pleasures.  It's a great way to end the day - something frivolous and interesting, like a fancy dessert.  And each entry is only a page or two long, which is perfect for me at the moment.

Next week I plan to begin a new blog series inspired by this happy little book called The Exquisite Series.  Each entry will inspire a post of some sort. We'll see where it takes us.  Maybe it will inspire us to consider the little things in our own life that bring us joy.  

Have a lovely weekend! 

If you want to read along with me, 

I saw this article floating around Facebook amongst lots of exhausted mom friends.
It certainly illustrates the unique situation of the stay-at-home mom and why "How was your day?" is nearly impossible to answer.

On a lighter note, this.

Blueprint does it again 
* I love how they addressed a giant wall behind the stairs

Ina Garten's California Kitchen

Green Velvet Sofas

The perfect bloody mary

Mommy Confessions - I'm right there with ya

Blue and White on Instagram

I like these J.Crew Earrings

Why I am not in possession of this tiara is beyond me

I like this sofa

New Resource for Limited Edition Prints
* I'm eyeing these Howard Harrison chinoiserie prints


  1. Mommy confessions and Facebook article are perfection :) Thanks for sharing


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