The Little Honey Bear says ...

Have a lovely weekend y'all! (Don't y'all love the floral wallpaper in my mother-in-law's bathroom) 

This week has been nuts. We're still not back in our house. They said we can get back in Saturday, but can't move the furniture back on the new floors until Monday. I'm itching to get home and start decorating for Christmas and get back to some regular blogging!! 

Next week is going to be even more cray cray! Edward is in the church Christmas performance playing "3-year-old Jesus." Just in case you were wondering, 3-year-old Jesus was a stinker, too.  I have no idea how this is going to go. He may or may not make it onto the stage. It's actually a pretty amazing show and Edward's part is really moving and a little heartbreaking, which is why I agreed to let him do it. So if anyone's snowed in next week and wants some Christmas cheer, I'll post a link for you to watch it online. 

I'm so happy it's finally Christmas time! Have a lovely weekend! 

P.S. Dallas peeps, stay warm! And stay inside, for cryin' out loud! 


  1. Love the wallpaper and love the bambino(:

  2. I'm feeling the floral. Stay warm!

  3. Yes love the walls! Although that beautiful baby is pulling focus a little :))) Looking forward to seeing 3 year old Jesus :)

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