New Rug!

Hellooo strangers!  Just wanted to pop in and share one of our new purchases with y'all and make sure you're still there! I'm recovering from the craziest three weeks ever.  In a nutshell, we traveled to Dallas for Thanksgiving, my brother got married (glee!), we came home and had to immediately move out of our house for a week to install and refinish the wood floors in our downstairs, and once we moved back in we spent 7 late nights at the church being stage parents to Edward de Jesus in a play that he sort of fell into by circumstances that I cannot even begin to explain.  It was soo fun, but sooo exhausting. 

During all of this we are also building a wood-paneled library in our formal living room and did I mention I have the plague?  It's been insane.  

But somewhere in there we did find time to purchase a new rug for our family room and get rid of a bulky piece of furniture that Reagan had commandeered as her own, effectively rendering it un-sitable.  Look at how mad at me she is.  Poor bebe. 

Anyway, back to the rug.  Do you like?  I'm in love.  I went totally outside my comfort zone and purchased this gorgeous Heriz Persian rug (from here).  I grew up in a world of sisal and seagrass, but I also grew up in the Texas heat.  Here in Kansas City, I craved warmth.  I drew inspiration from all of the beautiful rugs I saw this summer while visiting The Cloister at Sea Island.  It was so elegant and warm, but also worked with the semi-beachy look I've grown up with.  So after I consulted my rug guru, Tobe from Because It's Awesome, I decided to purchase this rug and one other one for our dining room, pictures to come. I'm really happy with both of the rugs and excited to decorate around them! 

I have so much to share, but right now I have to go do a hundred things.  Be back tomorrow!


  1. Gorgeous rug!
    Poor Reagan! I loved her cuddle chair too. It will be missed!

  2. Awe that face almost makes me want to get a dog....almost;)

    Can't wait to see the dining room rug.

  3. Is it wrong that I now only hope Santa brings me Christmas Bucks so I can replace my very loved but falling apart Persian rug!?!

  4. as i said on instagram, i love. it's gorg!! great choice!


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