How does Kris Jenner do it?

Y'all my days as a stage mom are coming to an end tonight as Edward is in the final performance of our churches' Christmas play. As promised, if you are interested in watching it, go to at 7:30 Central time and you can see the Christmas extravaganza. I have to say it's a pretty neat production and the depiction of the Christmas Story in the second act is really moving (I get teary almost every time). 

Mama June, Kris Jenner, Papa Joe Simpson. I have a newfound respect for all of them. While Edward has had so much fun and it's been great for us to do together, the late nights have almost done us in. We've also had a BAJILLION things happening at our house that I want to share with y'all!! Hopefully, I'll be back next week once the steroids and z-pack kick in. 

Now we're off to find a Christmas tree (I know, it's insane that I don't have one up yet!) 

P.S. Who voted to have only a 3 week turnaround between Christmas and Thanksgiving??? They're fired. 


  1. Jennifer, Edward is so, so adorable. He has a wonderful career ahead of him!
    I hope you will stop by...

    Scalamandre Giveaway!

  2. Wow....that looks like quite a production. I know having my 3 year old on a burro would give me heart palpitations....any number of less than desirable permutations. Congrats to you for surviving and Edward sure does look precious.


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