Whas happenin' hot stuff?

* 10 points for getting the movie reference of this post's title. 

So I'm blogging from my phone today. 


Well, here's a hint. 

Yes, that is a drop cloth behind which I'm not exactly sure what's happening. The plan is to install bookshelves and wainscoting to give it a more library like feel. However, beyond that we are a bit plan-less. Do we paint the wood? Do we stain it? Do we do a light stain with a white-wash? These are decisions that are yet to be made and probably go against every approach to design philosophy ever written. Not only that, I'm not confident our painter even wants to take on the project so I'm looking around for someone new. I have this problem a lot where I set out to hire someone to do something and they act like I've just asked them to fly to the moon. It baffles me. 

That was a long way of explaining that I don't have access to my computer to do proper blog posts. 

So here's a few random things based on pics from my phone (get excited y'all!) 

This morning I looked through my holiday issue of Veranda and there's so much good stuff in there! I can't wait to bring you my faves.  Christopher had a few faves as well. 

My new chinoiserie pillows from Zara Home look great in the guest room! 

Christopher turned 3 months yesterday. WHAT? 

This little stinker is proving the theory that 3 is harder than 2.  We literally had this fight yesterday: 

Me:  I'm the boss and you have to do what I say. 

Also, everyday is Opposite Day in his world. I will gladly take book recommendations on how to deal with strong-willed 3 year-olds. 

And even though 3 is challenging, it's also a really funny age, like when he insists on wearing a tiger tail everywhere (even to a Baby Jesus reunion/photoshoot for the church Christmas show) 

And finally, if Edward is not the end of me, these will be. 

Heaven help me. 

Have a lovely day! 



  1. Jennifer, I remember the toddler days so well!! They actually keep talking to you like that until they are out of their teens! Ha! Not what you wanted to hear I know!

    Your cutie is so darling...3 Months! What is the blue and white pillow fabric? LOve the guest room!!

    Feature:"In with the Old" Jennifer Boles

    1. Thank you! The pillow fabric is Sandersen Pagoda River. I got the pillow on Etsy.

  2. Sixteen Candles will always have a place in my heart.

    Your home and boys are gorgeous. The tail, it is TOO much, I love the dedication.

    Christopher is getting so big! Time is flying.

  3. Jennifer, you have a lovely family and home! My wise BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) teaching leader would incorporate her real life into some of our lessons and I loved her line... God has put me and daddy in charge of you and you are in charge of your toys. I loved that! Gives our children something to be in charge of and is the truth!!

  4. The best book I read while raising three boys was "How to Really Love Your Child" by Dr. Ross Campbell- it's still available on Amazon. Dr. John Rosemond has written several great ones...
    "The Well Behaved Child - Discipline That Really Works" and his latest book is "Parent Power"......I agree with every word out of his mouth- absolutely worth reading.


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