Sunday Slim Down: Week 7

Lbs of baby weight lost this week: 3.7 (What?!)
Total weight loss: 8.1

Little Me being Olivia Newton John with my Grandma Maisy, proving I once had as much energy as Edward

What What?  I'm not sure what happened this week, but I'll take it! This is the biggest week I've had so far except for those two weeks after I left the hospital when I lost 12 lbs (I had a 7 lb baby and left the hospital only 5 lbs lighter, which was super annoying).  3.7 lbs in 7 days is a lot.  I feel like I'm on The Biggest Loser when they step on the scale and lose 32 lbs. 

Two things I did differently this week: I cut out the snacking and I tried to make healthy dinners.

It's such a fine line when you're nursing because you have to eat when you feel hungry.  But sometimes I had to ask myself, am I hungry? or am I thirsty? or am I emotionally eating sea salt covered dark chocolate caramels because it's 10 o'clock in the morning and too early for wine? (Kidding! I never drink before noon).  I bought some blueberries and strawberries and used those for a sweet treat.  I still indulged in a chocolate or two, but I have to hide from Edward when I do that.  I also had to step away from the Goldfish.  When I wanted something salty I snacked on the SkinnyPop popcorn I told y'all about a couple of weeks ago, which is really good and satisfying.

Dinners tend to be my biggest meal of the day, which goes against everything anyone tells you about dieting.  But, for me, it's the only time I get to actually sit down and eat a meal.  Moms out there know how it is, you eat as fast as you possibly can while someone holds the baby.  So I realized that if I'm going to eat a big dinner it better be healthy.

Here are some of the recipes from this week*

*I cannot verify whether or not these are kid-friendly because pretty much nothing is kid-friendly to Edward, except pizza and apples.  He is, what we like to call, an "Eat-To-Live" not a "Live-To-Eat," so clearly, not my child.  

Spinach & Kale Bites from Trader Joe's 

These were really good.  Kip even liked them!  I served them with Gwyneth Paltrow's Go-To Tomato Sauce, which I could eat with a spoon.  I also cooked spaghetti squash, but I wouldn't say they necessarily go great with the spaghetti squash.  Not horrible, just not a great culinary combination.  Overall, it was a super low-calorie/highly nutritious meal that I will definitely make again. 

Skinnytaste No Bean Turkey and Sweet Potato Chili

I'm so sad.  Through no fault of the recipe, it was awful.  I think my turkey was bad.  It tasted really gamey (is that the right word?) I normally love ground turkey! That being said, I think this could be really good on a better day, especially for people who don't like beans. I love beans so I missed those as well as the beef.  I did like the texture of the sweet potatoes mixed in so I may add them next time I make chili.

Skinnytaste Butternut Squash and Spinach Lasagna Rolls 

This was soo good and soo light!  The thing I love about Gina's Skinny Recipes is that she knows when to use full-fat ingredients and when to use light.  She does a really good job of keeping her recipes light without sacrificing taste.  That's why I hate to even report that a recipe didn't work because really, she does an amazing job.

This was one of those recipes that almost didn't get made.  We were having an overtired toddler episode ifyouknowwhatImean.  It took me 3 hours.  Poor Kip got one of those frantic, exasperated "when are you coming home the kids are going crazy" calls that prompted him to suggest we just go pick something up.  But I was determined to finish one thing I started.  Just one thing!  Again, not the recipe's fault. They should've taken about 30 minutes.  I will definitely make these again when I have more time.

Goals for Next Week:
  • Keep up with the healthy dinners, but maybe find some one-pot or three-ingredient recipes, since that seems to be about all I can handle
  • Exercise more (this week, I only made it to Bar Method once) 
Here are a few health-ish links if y'all are interested!

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I'm doing this month of gratitude with my Awesome friend Tobe

You bet yer tushy I'm going to spend some part of nap time learning the choreography to Britney Spears' new music video.


  1. Jennifer you are doing so great! Congrats and I will try The Trader Joes Spinach and Kale Bites!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. You are doing great! We don't have Trader Joe's but sounded so delicious I found a recipe for similar on a blog ( and have printed. Let hope that I can remember to take to store and then to make as does have mre than 3 ingredients :) Love the Emma quote :)

  3. Whoa 3.7 lbs! What an accomplished week! Thank you so much for the yummy recipes. I lost another pound (total 11lbs). I learned I can't look too hard at the decimal points because I found I get anal when I do and it detracts me from the big picture. It's been wonderful to find that even my skinny jeans are getting loose now. My goals this week are to do more abdominal work (just a bit more, I hate doing abs) and to exercise more regularly. Keep up the good work Jennifer!!

  4. Those Trader Joe's spinach and kale bites look great! I have been cooking a lot from Gwyneth's cookbooks, but haven't tried the sauce...need to do that! I love sauces.

    I have been making a kale salad that is out of this world.

    The key is lacinato kale - not the curly kale in a bag. I find lacinato kale at whole foods, and often do this recipe with one bunch depending on size (the bunches have been small lately). The currants are key too - I also get those at whole foods in the bulk section. I don't marinate them anymore, I just add them to the salad. I also use shredded parmesan.

    My whole family loves this salad, even my picky husband! And, it's so good for you. I sometimes have it for lunch and it's very satisfying.


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