Slim Down Sunday: Week 9

Lbs of baby weight lost this week: 2.7
Total weight loss: 12.4

I don't know what's happening, but I feel like I'm on a good roll.  I'm feeling good.  Like Kelly Bensimon jogging in traffic good.   I can't speak to anything specific I've done this week, except that I take it one meal at a time.  I try to be thoughtful and to not overdo it.  I'm feeling healthy and that's motivating me to stay healthy, if that makes sense.
I keep thinking about this passage I read from one of my favorite authors, Augusten Burroughs.  I can't find the excerpt (I can't even remember which book it's from) so I'm going to paraphrase here (and probably not do it justice).   Basically, Mr. Burroughs had to go in for a heart stress test and was told he'd have to jog on a treadmill, the piece of exercise equipment in the corner of the room that his mind automatically dismissed upon entering.  He wasn't a jogger and after his jog and stress test were complete, he left the doctor's office and began to feel this funny feeling, something he didn't recognize at first.  And then it dawned on him, that feeling, it was health

It's funny how it can creep up on you.  Health.
I've been really devoted to my Bar Method, which I love for so many reasons, but yesterday I had a similar experience to Mr. Burrough's.  I was having a bit of a rough morning for no particular reason - you know the kind that comes with having two little ones who alternate waking you up every hour of the night.  I was just feeling jumpy and irritated and Kip suggested that the dog needed some exercise and maybe I should take her for a walk. 
Of course, my first instinct was to punch him in the throat for suggesting I exercise.
Luckily, I ignored that instinct and realized it was actually a good suggestion and he was trying to be nice and give me a break.  So I bundled myself up in my Uggs and puffy coat, grabbed my headphones, scrolled to my Britney playlist and set out to brave the cold.  It was sooo cold. 

About halfway through the walk I felt like doing the unthinkable. 

I felt like jogging. 

I kid you not, I just learned how to jog a couple of years ago.  I always sprinted before that.  I would use so much energy, I couldn't make it more than 2 minutes.  It's totally embarrassing.  Anyway, I made it through one whole Britney song, jogging in my Uggs, looking like a total amateur.  But it felt great! That 3 minutes of jogging was enough to change my energy the rest of the day.  

I don't know how much jogging I'll get in over the next few weeks, but I'm going to make an effort to get one jog in next week.  Obviously I'd like to do more, but I'm going to start small.  Ha! I'm pretty sure this is the lamest "health and fitness" blog post ever.  I'm not trying for a marathon.  I'm not even trying for a mile.  Just one more quick jog, but it's something to build on y'all! And I suspect more people are in my boat than not.  It's ok to start super, duper small.  I'm declaring that now. 

Soo here's where y'all can help. 

What are your favorite songs to work out to? 

Leave them in the comments, tweet me or leave it on my facebook, and next week, I'll compile an ultimate workout/dance party playlist.  I'll also share my Christmas music workout playlist! Yes, it's that time of year where I bust out Britney, Mariah and Trans-Siberian Orchestra for the most amazing Christmas workout ever.  You'll thank me I promise.  Ask my friend, Erica

P.S. I just found out my beloved Missouri Tigers' Offensive Line has Christmas Thursdays, where they blast Christmas music and dance outside their cars.  This really couldn't make me happier.  I love this team like they're all my giant, little children. 


  1. I walk my dog every night and most of the time I don't want to but I always feel better after I do it. In May my mom got a double lung transplant and I would spend 1 0 hours every day just sitting by her bed in a gross hospital room, my only exercise, crude my only time outside was that walk and I loved it. Now it is colder I am not loving it as much but after he (the dog) does his business I also start to run a little, a very little but it is something. I wish I was a kid again and could run from morning to night, where did that ability go???

    1. Hope your mom is doing well! What an ordeal. Walks are good for the soul sometimes.

  2. About 4 months ago I seriously took up jogging as a much needed form of stress relief. Now my body craves going for a run and even my kids have learned when, "mommy need to run". As for playlists, I love 21 minute workout and I'll Fly with you on pandora.

    Congrats on getting healthy girlie!!

  3. The Keli clip totally cracks me up everytime i see it...what a character! I need to get back to being a good girl but do walk 3-5 times a week with a friend...its fun and doesn't feel like exercise! But I do plan to step it up in 2014 and make more time for a more serious routine. When I do I love the energy of my sons techo music...if that can't get you jumpstarted don't know what will.....its energetic to put it mildly. Keep up the great work!

  4. I feel like a celeb with that shout-out! I'm just glad it wasn't my pic in the white robe with Santa. I really CANNOT wait for your Christmas workout playlist. I need to work on jogging (but with your soft "j" like yogging).

    Some of my favorite workout songs are: Dirrty by Christina Aguilera, Footloose by Kenny Loggins, Crazy in Love by Beyoncé, Super Bass by Nicki Minaj, Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO, and Summer of '69 by Bryan Adams. Judge away. I have to try really really hard not to sing out loud at the gym. This is why I need an elliptical for the basement.


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