My Perfect House ;)

For those of you who don't follow me on Instagram, I thought I'd share a funny little thing that happened over the weekend.  I was playing around with my "pretty things" and snapped a picture of this nice little moment in my house.  The lighting was perfect and with a quick push of a button I had an image that looked almost good enough to put in a magazine.  So naturally, I shared it on Instagram because, honestly, the fact that all of the cushions are on the sofas is a win in my book.  (Edward has discovered "the trampoline" underneath the cushions). 

So then I start getting all of these nice comments, which is really sweet, but also made me feel a little guilty.  Because some of my mom friends were like, "uh my house never looks like that!"  Mine doesn't either, hence the picture.  It was the perfect angle. 

Here's, literally, what was on the other side of the picture.

Even funnier, moments after I posted this, my father-in-law walked in my house and started laughing and joked, "you must have kids!"  Yep!  

I don't often like to share the chaotic moments in my life because who really wants to see and hear about that, but I do want to keep it real.  I'm sooo the last person who has it together.  I know the messes of toys are temporary so I don't drive myself crazy over them, but that means I have a messy house most of the time.  The lag time between folded laundry making it from my kitchen table to my closet is about 4.5 days, and, no matter how hard I try, piles of papers accumulate in various spots in my kitchen only to be stacked and moved around, waiting to be put in a more appropriate spot. 

Someday my house will be quiet and empty and clean and I'll be longing for the days of stepping on dinosaurs and making forts.  For now, I'll settle for a snapshot of a tidy put together moment while, outside the frame, Edward pours his giant box of Goldfish out onto the floor "so they can swim."  Because I love my house, especially the rascals who live in it. 

P.S. The white carpet is going soon! (I don't know what the previous owners did to it because it's held up surprisingly well considering the dog and the toddler.  But it's still going.)


  1. I hear you on all counts ( especially laundry...ugh). I think people forget that on Instagram/blogs/facebook you only see a small snap shot of someone's life....not the big picture.

  2. Thanks so much for linking up Jennifer! I just had a room photographed for the One Room Challenge and of course the room was immaculate. What no will see, however, is that the rest of the entire house looks like there might have been an explosion. I don't have 2 adorable little excuses for the mess over here : )

  3. That is a great pic! Whether or not the other side was messy ( my whole house looks like a disaster most of the time :) ) it's still nice to look at your home and think, Awww pretty!

  4. Great picture is right. Don't think that all the homes in the mags always look like that, there is reality and nearly everyone has the chaos and clutter that we all have come to know and love. I have seen what happens in a photo shoot and as gorgeous as they always are its just not "real life". Love your shot!

  5. such a great pic and post! whenever i am taking pictures for my blog i'm constantly throwing toys/papers/laundry out of the way to get a "pretty" shot. you hit the nail on the head for me - i will miss these days when it's not loud and crazy and crap everywhere. and i have to keep reminding my neat-freak husband of that!! oh, i'm just getting on instagram so i'll start following you :)

  6. Cheers to you for "keepin it real!" I enjoyed this post and the honesty. Even now being an empty-nester (my 3 sons are grown) I have yet to keep the clutter at bay and my husband just shakes his head at all of my DIY projects and laughs when I complain about the mess.

    That first photo is a great one!


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