House Stalking

love this house

Be honest, y'all.  How many of you have pictures like this on your phone?  Yesterday, both the kids fell asleep in the car (they're both Carcoleptics - #dadjoke) and I decided to drive around and look at houses.  Unfortunately, I didn't get very far because I also decided to drive through Starbucks (first time this week), and the wait took so long they didn't make me pay for my drink.  But I consider it win anyway.  This house is just so adorable and a great example of a new construction done tastefully.  This neighborhood in Kansas City has lots of smaller or rather "normal-sized" homes and while this house definitely stood out as newer, it wasn't overwhelming the rest of the neighborhood.  Growing up in Highland Park, I've seen a lot of monstrosities go up in place of sweet bungalows.  However, the past few times I've visited, I've seen a trend toward more subtle homes like this and I love it.  If I ever built a home it would look a lot like this: french style, white, light shutters, a slate roof, french doors, copper gutters, boxwoods.  I would love to see more of this house! I bet it's really pretty on the inside. 

Do y'all stalk houses?

I stalked my own house years ago and blogged about it here!


  1. That is a beautiful home, Jennifer! I'm a total house (and MLS stalker)!!

    The Glam Pad

  2. I'm so happy I'm not alone! After I took the picture I tried to edit out most of my car door though, haha. Beautiful house!

  3. Yes! We built so was instructed to stalk by our architect. I have not had good luck. One house I was photographing through gates and a discombobulated voice from nowhere asked what I was doing; they could see me on their security camera and were asking through their entry intercom. I explained but was of course beyond horrified to be caught/mortified - I had a pram and was even wearing a headband 😉 so hoped I did not look like a stalker 😳. Then another house I later discovered belonged a very famous adulterous athlete. Don't think I was sighted by his poor put upon wife but would never have slowed car, opened window and taken multiple photos had I known this. Love that you stalked your own house - fate!

  4. Oh yes I stalk homes! I even like to night stalk. It's great when it's dark outside and you drive by slowly. The lights are on and you can see the lighting, staircase and art work! It's wonderful to get a glimpse inside. It can be disappointing if you love the outside, and inside doesn't match!

  5. Jennifer it is one of my favorite things to do! I love the street appeal of a home and we are fortunate here in Kansas City to have such a variety of neighborhoods from the new to the historic.

    The Arts by Karena

  6. I couldn't agree more! I'm in a neighborhood close to HP where there has been much less tear down and new construction thank goodness. I like the size and scale of the older houses. That so many of those darling bungalows and charming Tudor cottages are gone kind of makes me ill.

  7. Jennifer--If you get a chance pop by yesterday's blog-my daughter just bought a house that is very similar to the chateau style you showed here. It is gorgeous- xo Diana

  8. My Instagram is full of house stalking pictures. I like to take pictures of houses while walking my dog. I try to be unobtrusive but sometimes have to abort my mission when another person eyes me strangely!

    Is that the side if the house, as I don't see a front door. Is there any way you could get a shot if the house with the front door? This house has piqued my interest.


  9. Now I am wondering if that middle window is actually a door! It has a lantern over it. Very subtle!

  10. I love house stalking!! Especially at night when I can see in better :-)


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