Gift Guide: "Money Can't Buy You Class"

Round here, we try to keep it classy. But we also like to have fun. Here's a gift guide for some of your fun friends. I think The Countess would approve of these. Even though she's real classy, she also like to drink a little too much and run around the house with a pirate, so she can't be all that boring. *

* If you don't watch Real Housewives of New York, than you have no idea what I'm talking about.  In fact, you probably never know what I'm talking about and just think I'm totally weird.  Don't worry, I'm not weird, just Bravo-obsessed.

Money Can't Buy You Class

1. Merry Christmas Y'all Pillow - For my friends who say y'all (or want to say y'all).  And it's needlepoint so it's supercute. 

2. Prinstagram Photo Book - Y'all know I take a ton of Instagram photos.  I think I actually take better pictures with my iPhone than my big girl camera.  Periodically I order things from Prinstagram when I want to frame them or have them out on a table.  I love the little photo books to put out in a dish and let people look through.  They are great for grandparents, too. Especially ones like The Suze who takes a screen shot of every Instagram you post and then prints it out old-fashioned style at CVS.   Download the App to print directly from your phone!

3. Most Talkative by Andy Cohen (but the Audio Book version!) - Chances are anyone who watches Bravo has read Andy Cohen's autobiography, but, y'all the audiobook version is worth a revisit.  Not only do you feel like you're gabbing on the phone with Andy while he tells you all his funny stories, but you get to hear him imitate the housewives!  The Suze and I listened to it while driving home to Dallas from Kansas City and were crying we laughed so hard.  My Dad loved it, too!  (credit: my sister Elizabeth who loves books on tape)

4. Bacon of The Month Club from Ted's Butcherblock - 100% credit to Sarah at Belle on Heels for this one (come back to blogging girl!).  We gave this to Kip's boss for Christmas last year and my Dad for his birthday.  Obviously, bacon has become the "it" dude-gift of the century, but honestly, this is a good one.  I love food-of-the-month clubs because it's not something you would buy yourself.  I also love bacon.  It's not just for dudes! (Hey, Ad Council for Bacon, there's your new tag-line)

5. Jingle This Handtowel - It just makes me laugh. 

6. Greyhound Pedigreed Cookie Jar - I love greyhounds, especially miniature ones.  I used to know someone who had one named, Nick, which is so silly.   This is cute enough to sit on the counter in your kitchen and look interesting.  Bonus: fill it with homemade cookies from the Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

7. Golden Animal Magnets - These are the sort of things you need, but you don't know you need.  Cute magnets. 

8. Uppers Canister - This also makes me laugh.  Bonus: Fill it with personalized M&Ms

9. Wizard of Oz Water Globe - Nostalgia.  Not something someone would buy for herself (or himself).  Bright and colorful and fun!

10. Merry Christmas Cocktail Napkins - These are just cute! They would make a great hostess gift. 


  1. Fun gift ideas Jennifer!

    Art by Karena

  2. During the holidays I never go to anyone's home without something, nor do I allow people to leave mine without something in hand. I adore crazy napkins. But this year, I'm making cookies & candies and wrapping them up in homey packages (all by myself). Happy Holidays!


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