Blue & White Wallpaper

{image via The Decorista}

The wallpaper, the tortoise shell mirror, the lantern.  Soo many things to love about this, but the wallpaper is my favorite.  I wish I knew what is was!  It reminds me of the wallpaper in Christopher's Nursery (still searching for the source on that). 

Speaking of light fixtures,  I'm trying to sell Kip on this star pendant for the library. 

But he's not so sure.  I love the lantern in the first image, too. 

Question:  I hate being matchy matchy, BUT we are going to have an overhead light fixture (pendant or flushmount), sconces in the sofa nook and an art or bookshelf light, should I make sure all of the metals match?  I need an opinion.  Go!


  1. I wrote a post on Moravian star lights 2 years ago -

    Lots of broken links in the images, which is why I now upload everything to flickr and don't link directly to pinterest! I love the look.

    I have lots of rooms where the finishes don't match. In my library, I have brass sconces, brass base lamp, brass accent on the alabaster light fixture. It's a fairly monochromatic room so the monochromatic metal finishes work. Other rooms, I have polished nickel and brass and even a little iron thrown in. I wrote another post on mixing metal finishes and the comment section might be of interest.

  2. I think a mixed look works! Great room.

  3. As long as the finishes are similar in luster, no chrome or shiny with rubbed or polish. A mix is always more interesting as long as they compliment and are proportional. Love your blog and look forward to seeing each post.

  4. I tend to try to make mine match :-)

  5. The paper is beautiful...I do mix metals. In my kitchen i have oil rubbed bronze hardware on perimeter cabinets and ant. brass for island..I like mixing and matching but don't do it in bathrooms, just larger rooms. Love the paper!

  6. I think they need to live in the same family.. warm tones or cool tones - so either brass/bronze/dark brown/gold or nickel/silver etc.


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