Sexy Glam Home (Heart Me Please!)

Hello y'all!  If you ask anyone who knows me to describe me in two words, they would definitely say, "Oh that girl is so sexy glam."  So when I happened upon this contest on Polyvore in conjunction with Honey We're Home, a blog I love, I was like, "oh perf!"  Just kidding.  I don't really talk like that.

Really, I was intrigued by the prize: a $500 gift card to Pottery Barn.  I need a sofa for my library realbad and this would help me get the linen slip-covered English roll-arm that I've been campaigning for.  I also have these PB white pillows that I love, but they cannot be cleaned, so every time I spill red wine on them, I have to go get a new one.  $500 could last me the whole year! (It's a joke, Kip).

Anyway, the theme of the contest is Sexy Glam, which is actually a great theme because you can do some really fun stuff with it.  I immediately though of Kelly Wearstler, but with a classic twist (if that's even a twist.)

So y'all, I present you my version of the Sexy Glam Home.

Sexy Glam Home

Lead crystal lamp

$290 -

LSA international
$74 -

Home decor

Kelly Wearstler throw pillow

Home wall decor

Kelly Wearstler home decor

Almond plant

Grape home decor

Gold coffee table

What do you think? I feel like everybody looks good in a glowy pink room and there's nothing sexier than a fire, champagne and a fur throw.* AmIrightfolks?

*I'm sorry for that. It's late, and I'm blogging while my infant headbutts my shoulder and my 3-year-old is threatening to eat something he found under the sofa so that sentence was the best I could do.  

Now go heart my board (or set) so I can win :)

BTW, I have always used Olioboard for my moodboards, but I'm really loving Polyvore so much more.  I always thought it was just for fashion boards, but they've ventured into Home Decor and it's really superior to Olioboard.  I'd recommend making the switch. 


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  2. it and agree a pale pink is flattering to just about anyone. Funny I always use Olioboard too but upon your recommendation and am going to check out Polyvore...I am usually the last to catch on the latest and greatest things when technology is concerned:) I will vote!

  3. You are SO SexyGlam. I love this, it reminds me of a modern spin on a sexy sitting room in Dynasty. I have the perfect nightie to compliment the total look. Great job!!!!

  4. I think you nailed it. Such a beautiful room and love the neutrals with a touch of blush!

  5. That is a beautiful room, Jennifer.It really is glamorous! Love it- xo Diana

  6. This is almost scary how close it is to my vision for my den...all I have accomplished so far is the couch :-)


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