I need some advice y'all ...

Hello Loves! Let's chat for a minute. You, me and The Real Housewives.  I know my blogging has been few and far between since I had my little nugget. Having a second baby definitely leaves me with less time to blog, but I think I'm also starting to realize I want to make a change.  Not a huge change, just like a little facelift, a tweak, like Jacquelin Laurita.

real housewives of new jersey gif
A refresher, if you will.

I want this blog to be more than just sharing pretty pictures and I feel I need a revamp.

real housewives of new york gif

So I'm soliciting advice from my fellow bloggers and friends-in-the-know.  Who designed your blog? Do you like them? Do they help you with updates or give you tools to make them themselves?  I'm in uncharted territory here.  I used to do stuff like this in college, but that was in ancient times.  Now I'm willing to pay someone to do it for me.

real housewives of atlanta gif

I think.

It feels like the right time and might help me take whatever this is I'm doing to the next level, whatever that is. (How's that for strategery?) 

real housewives countess luann gif

I'm always skeptical of change (side-eye new iPhone update)

real housewives of orange county gif

and sometimes wonder if it needs to happen (ahem Houston's which is now Hillstone but everybody still calls it Houston's).

 brandi glanville adrienne maloof gif

But I feel like this is a good time to spruce things up a bit and bring you more content.

Soo I'll be taking the next few weeks to try and figure that out (I'll still be here blogging during those special times when both children are napping).  I'd love any feedback. What do you want more of?  less of?  Be honest.  

Don't worry my love for blue and white and my need to share it with everyone will never change.  

real housewives of atlanta gif


P.S. I miss Sheree.  

P.P.S.  Did you know .gif is pronounced jif???? 

* a Gifs via WiffleGifs #real housewives


  1. Thank you! No matter what your post always make me smile!!! And since the shut down has "shut down" my house I need all the laughs I can get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As for a blog face-lift, I was very happy when I worked with Designer Blogs. For the little money that I paid, they let me ask a ton of questions. Plus I have "room" to grow my blog with them. Best of luck on your face-lift;)

  2. Cheers to informing more people of the correct pronunciation of gif! And cheers to your digital facelift! Best of luck!!! Love your blog!!! ;)

  3. I worked with Rebekah Louise. She is 45 dollars and I loved working with her. Extremely personalized. My blog is absolutelyseriouslyfabulous@blogspot.com. She also did DimplesandTangles new revamp

  4. You gave me a laugh and now I am dizzy.....whoa!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Shari from Little Blue Deer, have recommended her many many times and everyones been thrilled. She is a total rockstar in my book and you can tell her I said that:)

  5. I used Shari from LBD, too and she's great! She'll do updates and changes for you anytime and very quickly for a nominal fee. Okay, now please tell me how to put a gif on a blog?!! I've been wanting to do that for so long!

  6. Blog Milk. Ana Dejenaar runs it. Look up Blog Milk shop! I think you'll like her style and her templates.

  7. I do pretty much everything. I would love a change though,
    your housewives are too funny!

    Art by Karena

  8. i was thinking about a little facelift too and had fabulous k on my radar. no idea what she charges though. http://www.fabulousk.com/

    good luck! and totally know what you mean about blogging during nap time :)


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