Have a lovely weekend!

Thank y'all soo much for the facelift advice!  It's so wonderful of you to take the time to comment and help a girl out.  The blog world is such a positive place where women really support each other and I'm so honored to be a small part of it.  I'm excited for the changes ahead and to move on to something more me.  I started this blog 3 years ago as a way to share some of my favorite interiors with my mom and a few friends.  I gave it the name Belclaire House as a nod to a place in my childhood that has inspired my decorating decisions - a place I will always cherish.  But lately I've found my inspiration from within and I want this blog and my writing to reflect that so I will probably be changing the name as well.  Just giving you a heads up so you're not all like "What the what? Why'd she go and change things on us?"  Don't worry, I'll still be the same silly blog with pretty pictures and Real Housewives references.  Just more sillier and prettier.  I'm excited to check out y'all's suggestions over the weekend!

Enjoy these links my friends!

I'm more interested in what's happening in the background of this fantasy gift

Love this fun girly apartment

Blue and white scalloped roof WHAT?? 

Loving this designer

I'm very excited about Andrea's One Room Challenge

I want some faux fur throws for our new basement sectional that should be arriving any day

Oh hey dream estate (if I were a Princess or something) + Joni's vision = goood

I think I need to get Jan Showers' new book

Acrylic Tray Table much like the TV Trays I posted about a couple of weeks ago
(but soo much cheaper)

More Good Stuff from Zara Home

Beautiful Interior Additions Indeed

Pretty Fab Blue & White Miami Manse

Advice for decorating the top of an armoire

A great nursery closet redo by the fabulous new-mom and friend-to-the-blog Tobe

Definitely trying this caramel corn (for Christmas Gift recon of course)


  1. Love all your links as usual!! Thanks so much for the mention!

  2. Love all of the links! Noooo please don't change your blog name!!

  3. A very belated thank you for the mention! I'm super excited about our powder room as well! :)

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