By George, Have a Fantastic Weekend!

I mean really, how can I not post this?  It's just so fabulous.  Is it weird that I would use this picture as decor inspiration? Glossy black door, brick, cream, lace, ruffles.  It's all working so well together.  

Have a lovely weekend!

* Programming note:  I will be taking off this Slim Down Sunday because it's my birthday and the last thing I want to do on my birthday is get on a scale and talk about how hard it is to lose baby weight. See ya next week! 

Loving this new blush colorway from Caitlin Wilson - maybe for the basement sofa

* gift idea *  
This a blush candle from Tory Burch's new Home collection 

A pretty home from Dallas-designer and owner of Blueprint Cynthia Collins

BLUE & WHITE: I don't know what this is but I like it

* fancy gift idea * 
Ashley Pittman for Goop
I'll take one of each! 

Furbish Fall Flash Sale
 (also considering these rainbow stripe pillows for the basement sofa)

* kid toy gift idea *
These rubber cars might seem simple, but kids love them

7 secrets for a happy marriage

I have never considered a yellow sofa, until I saw this post

LOL: little girl makes up tap routine

Lovely Designer Spotlight - Michael S. Smith
y'all I was one of the first few people to follow him on Instagram and he LIKED this picture of my house!!! I almost died. 

An interesting spot for a monogram - I like it!

My kind of farmhouse

Cute Kid Costumes



  1. Ohh! Show that House of Turquoise post to mom -- I think that's what she's visualizing for me and Laura

  2. Happy early birthday. Enjoy the day with your boys.

  3. Well first Happy Birthday....treat yourself to something GOOD. You deserve it! Love the picture, I love that it could have been taken 30 years ago or last week, so beautiful in its creamy beauty. Very elegant indeed......enjoy your birthday weekend!

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