Sunday Slim Down

Well y'all I said I would write about it so I'm gonna. The dreaded post-baby weight loss.  For some people it's not an issue (side-eye The Duchess of Cambridge), but for me it takes a lot of effort. Like Jessica Simpson effort. 

No no no. Like. Britney. Spears. Effort. 

Rember this?!! I never wanted to be Britney Spears more than I did at this moment.  

It took me two years to lose the weight I gained with Edward. Everyone was all, "oh you'll lose sooo much weight from nursing.  You'll probably be like too skinny." Liars.  I nursed Edward for 14 months and only after I stopped nursing did I lose those last 20 lbs! Really? Soo I'm determined to get back to normal this time around and I'm enlisting y'all's help in keeping me accountable. 

I just want to fit into my clothes and have energy. Oh to have energy!! My 3-year-old is an energy black hole.  Like light bends around him and Stephen Hawking needs to come study him. He eats like one peanut butter cracker and is good to run 85 laps around the house.  I cannot keep up. 

I'll try and share a few little tips and healthy recipes I come across along the way. Don't worry I won't get all GOOP-y and smug.* I am no weight loss expert. If I were, I'd be skinny duh. But hopefully by writing about it, I can keep myself focused, learn a little bit and shed some light (in a light-hearted way) on something that occupies my mind about as much as much as the next blue and white vase I'm coveting. 

So here are my current long term goals: 
1. Lose the baby weight (20 lbs of the 40 lbs to go) 
2.  Run some kinda K. 5K? 10K? We'll see. 
3.  Lose the "I got married and comfortable weight" (10 more lbs) 
4.  And then 10 more lbs for the "omg you look amazing, WHAT are you doing?!" comment. 

Here's what I don't do:  I don't do juice fasts or smoothie diets or cleanses, I don't do marathons or triathlons (I'm not great at bike riding and I have horrible feet and knees) and I don't do fad diets. 

Here's what I DO do: I try to track my calories, exercise and eat. And I try to eat healthy, but sometimes I don't. 

I use Myfitnesspal to track my calories. If you're on there, add me as a friend. My username is Jhadley32.  Here is a great review of the Myfitnesspal app that pretty much echos how I feel about it.  I will probably do a post about my calorie tracking in a couple weeks after I've been doing it for awhile.  

Right now I just do Bar Method.  I'm obsessed.  Ask anybody who's had a conversation with me in the past 10 months.  I always find a way to talk to people about it.  I did it up until 3 weeks before I delivered Christopher and it helped keep me in decent shape while I was pregnant.  It's so much easier to do now without The Bump, but the ab work gets me every time. 

This week I'm going to throw in this little 100 Calorie burner thing I found on Pinterest to help keep me under my calorie goal each day.  We'll see if it helps.  I need quick workouts.  Gone are the days of the long leisurely workouts.  

 Aint Nobody Got Time for That Aint Nobody Got Time For That

I love to eat.  I eat a lot.  Sometimes too much and sometimes not enough.  Nursing leaves me ravenous and that has been something I'm trying to deal with.  Sleep deprivation leaves me craving bagels and Cokes.  That has been my biggest challenge.  I'm a little bit Godzilla with food when I'm nursing.  I'm kind of a monster.  I don't feel my normal hunger cues.  Nursing adds a whole new element to losing the baby weight that I will go into more in a later post as well. 

Ok, I guess.

I could do better. 

I lost nine-tenths of a pound last week. I'd like to make it to an entire pound next week. (But the pizza and cake I ate at Edward's bday party yesterday might suggest otherwise)

I'll have to do a little bit better. Y'all have any tips? (No juice fasts.  No ma'am.  Unless it's like a 5-hour juice fast, then I can do it.  But honestly, I don't even like juice, unless it's like grape juice - of the wine variety)

I'll just be doing this on Sundays so if you think it's dumb or self-indulgent feel free to skip it. 

And that's my big long intro. Check back next Sunday to see how I did this week! (Spoiler alert: I haven't been great this weekend so I'm going to have to work hard all week) 

* I had a dream last night that a momma beluga whale was chasing me because I got in between her and her baby, but then Gwyneth Paltrow saved me. I'm pretty sure that's the all-time greatest metaphor for my struggle with baby weight. 
** I made this for a Tailgate Themed Meal for my mom's group and it was sooo good. 


  1. I quit eating gluten and sugar and am thinner than I've been in 20 years. I feel MUCH better, too! Good luck!

  2. I think blogging about losing weight is a great way to keep on track. Why is that called the bar method, by the way. It looks like a very doable series of exercises, except the push-ups, mind you, as they are killers. I struggle to lose the 10 lbs I have gained over the past 10 years - I'm at that stage of life where weight creeps on oh so easily and is difficult to lose. Your salad looks delicious.

    1. That series isn't related to Bar Method, which is a class I take that uses a ballet bar and lots of ballet-type exercises. Sorry, I wasn't really clear the way I wrote that.

  3. That Brit photo will always be the upmost inspiration! You can and will do this. As a lady who struggles with my weight, I can tell you this, it all comes in due time. Nothing is instant and nothing happens without effort (I have learned this with 2+ years of fake "effort" and convincing myself that I was really doing this, trying to lose weight, when I wasn't....!). The counting calories is the magic (aka science) that leaves you accountable. I am routing for you and Edward roaring in his dino suit is precious precious precious!

  4. I am coming back when I am not so pressed for time to read this and get inspired! And how did you get that first picture of me:) FINE, you can use it:)

  5. Good for you! I am on a fitness program and it is tough to get motivated some of hte time. I am with you on barre workouts.
    Happy Monday.

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  6. I know you can do it, Jennifer!! Maybe you can inspire me to lose some lbs as well! :)

    The Glam Pad

  7. I have no new wonder tips, as I am still trying to lose my own baby weight (and my kids are 11 and 13!). But I remember the toddler years being physically exhausting so you're not alone in that thought. The success I have found is in counting calories, eating less sugar, carbs and prepared foods and walking. I can't do running exercises because of a bad knee but I found I can walk forever, especially if I have an ipod. I found that was a great way to burn calories and get some "me" time while my husband watched the kids for a bit. Best of luck and I'm using your post as inspiration for my own goals.

  8. I simply do not recommend the Slim Fast dieting program if you are looking for long-term weight loss results.
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