Sunday Slim Down: Week 1

 * Note: In a couple of weeks, I'll start tracking my LBs lost on here (yikes).  I'm traveling the next two Sundays so I won't be near my scale so I won't know precisely how much weight I've lost (or gained - every ounce counts y'all).  I'll be totally honest here, and tell you I did a little sneak peek at the old scale on Friday.  I did, in fact, gain a pound.  WHAT??  I know. I hate even typing that.  It's no fun to see, but I'm not surprised.  I didn't exercise as much as I should have and I didn't stay under my calories as well as I should have.  So let's hope I'm better over the next two weeks and have something good to report come Week 3! 

Takeaways From This Week:

The Bad:
It's been a hard week to stay on track.  It was Edward's marathon birthday weekend, I was soo overtired and frankly didn't plan well and ended up eating too much pizza and too many half cupcakes*.  It happens, but I need to be more thoughtful about what I'm eating when I'm that tired because I ended up feeling awful at the end of the day.  Not what I'm going for.  I'm going for energy and cat calls y'all!

*Half Cupcakes: where you eat half of a cupcake thinking it's not as bad as a whole but then you come back an hour later and eat the second half, once again justifying it because "it's only half."   But really you just ate a whole cupcake.  I know.  Math.  So rude.  
I'm learning that when Christopher is up partying all night (and by default, I am up all night), I have a very hard time eating well.  Babies definitely bring on a different kind of exhaustion and I sometimes find myself hitting a wall at the end of the day and reaching for a bagel and a Coke.  This is something I'm really, really going to pay attention to next week.  

The Good:
It wasn't all bad! I found some yummy healthy foods to add into my diet.  I'm learning through myfitnesspal that while it's all about calories in vs. calories out, it's good to have some low calorie options so you don't end up reaching your calorie goal by 11 a.m. 

So here are my recommendations:

Oat Revolution Seasonal Blend

This stuff is gooood! I found it at Costco. It's basically oatmeal with chia in it, which is apparently very nutritious. I made a big change this week when I added breakfast to my daily routine. I know. It's dumb that I never ate breakfast, but I'm so sick in the morning from having to wake up (dramatic much?) that all I want is my coffee. Food sounds disgusting until about 11. BUT since I'm nursing, when 11 rolls around I become a ravenous low-blood sugar monster.   Adding breakfast has helped control that light-headed monster. 

Skinny Tuna Noodle Casserole

I love casseroles in the Fall, and was craving the tuna noodle casserole from my childhood.  BUT our particular family recipe is made with a load of velveeta cheese and other heavy things that I just didn't want to waste calories on.  I found this recipe on the life-saving (she has the best recipes y'all) and I'm declaring it better than the original.  I made two modifications: 1) Instead of 2 cups of milk, I added 1 Cup of milk and 1 can of Cream of Celery soup - this will up the calories a bit, and 2) I skipped the bread crumbs at the end - this will lower the calories a bit. 

Skinny Pop Popcorn

This popcorn is amazing. A very good low calorie snack (39 calories per cup) with "no artificial anything" as they put it.  It somehow tastes like buttered popcorn.  It might be the sunflower oil because the only other ingredients are salt and popcorn.  Highly recommend.

Trader Joe's Pumpkin Butter

My Fall obsession and sweet treat. Love it on a mini bagel with cream cheese for a super satisfying sweet treat. Also, great to serve to company over cream cheese with crackers. Low calorie in and of itself, but I need to find a lower calorie accompanyment because sometimes it's hard to stop eating! 

Goals for Next Week: 

I'm in Dallas all week so I'll be out of my normal routine. I hope to get outside and walk at least 3 days as well as keep my calories in check among the sea of queso that I will want to take a bath in.   I will definitely pay more attention to my need for a nap and try to grab some shut-eye instead of a Coke or a bagel ... oy vey ...


  1. Jennifer... looks like the weather is going to be beautiful here for your visit. Have you tried "Better'n Peanut Butter" from Whole Foods. It is low cal and really delish! Enjoy your visit!

  2. The oatmeal stuff from Costco sounds delicious. I love tuna noodle casserole. I'll have to try the skinny version. Good luck with your continued goal of eating sensibly. I find it to be a daily event in order to avoid a muffin top waistline. lol.

  3. I am right there with you...when I don't sleep well due to the kiddos I am just hungry all day long! And I need a coffee IV ever morning;) I also know that it can feel like you will never loss the weight but I promise you that it will come off. Keep up the good work!!!!


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