Y'all, I'm out at my favorite antique shop and every time I'm here I see this girl and want to bring her home with me.  I think it's the way she looks like she's judging you, even though she takes care of sheep for a living. She owns it. I really want to bring her home with me. Maybe she can be my homegirl in a house full of boys. Like don't mess with Theresa (I just named her that), she'll cut you. 

Have I totally lost my mind? Do you like her? Do I need to get more sleep? 


  1. This post totally cracks me up! Maybe she could be a belated push present--lol


  2. She's beautiful . I think you should treat yourself!

  3. Oh I love her!!! Take her home!!! You described it perfectly.

  4. How about buy the painting AND get more sleep:) It's a beautiful painting...I say go for it, its so important when buying art to buy something you truly really love.


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