Makin' Me Blush

Y'all are the sweetest! Seriously, your comments about Little Robertson's Nursery were so unexpected! It's so easy to post beautiful images of other people's houses on this blog, but hitting publish on a room I did myself, using what I have plus like $150, is kind of frightening.  So thank y'all for making me feel so good! 

I have to say the room does feel like a cloud and a nice respite from the colorful toys that are currently all over the floors of every room in the house (Edward loves a good basket dump). My current rotund condition does not allow for the whole "bending over and picking up" action necessary to clear the floors. So now I just kick things to the side or try in vain to convince Edward to pick them up.

Anyhoo, many of y'all have commented on the crib situation, which is by far my favorite part of the nursery!

Here are a few sources for ya: 

  • Crib: Restoration Hardware Sutton Canopy Crib - unfortunately it's no longer available, probably because it's one of those dangerous drop-side cribs.  We bought it just before the whole drop-side recall happened.  They sent us a kit to disable that feature and make it secure, but I'm guessing they decided to go ahead and discontinue it as well.  Sad :(
  • Pillows: The fabric is Sanderson Pagoda River from Aurelia6311 on Etsy.  It doesn't look like she has any available in this fabric right now, but it wouldn't hurt to ask.  She does have a similar blue and white cushion cover in Schumacher Nanjing, which I love. 
  • Monogrammed Crib Sheet: Also from Etsy! The shop is called SennCreations.  I did a black monogram and strangely in shipping the sheet turned purple.  She was so accommodating and offered to make me another one, but after washing it a couple times the purple came out.  So strange!
  • Painting: Made by moi using this Pinterest tutorial.  I am no artist y'all, and I did like 12 of these before I got anything decent.  I have so much respect for all of y'all that create these beautiful and colorful abstract pieces! It's hard, and I always take it one step too far.  I ended up really liking this one because it looks like a little heart floating in the clouds, which is pretty much what holding a newborn feels like.  
Let me know if you have any other questions! I'm happy to answer any.

Thanks again for all of the love.



  1. Looks so darling. Hope you are feeling well.

  2. Now I love that painting even more. So sweet!

  3. wow. so pretty! i love that crib, he is a very lucky little boy. i hope he graces you with his presence soon!! (i've been trying and trying to post this comment - not sure what's going on but sorry it's so late!!)


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