Houses In Which I Could Live, Part 6 {Country House}

Morning Y'all!  I haven't done a Houses in Which I Could Live post in a while.   So I thought I'd do a Country Edition today. 

I'm not so much a country girl per se, but I could easily have a house in the country and enjoy it as a getaway (I'm low-maintenance like that). When I saw this listing for Bulfinch Farm in Orford, New Hampshire my first thought was "this would be a great place for Edward to run."  That is usually my goal for most days, find a large space for Edward to run, swim, climb, gallop, etc. 

The grounds are beautiful and I love the simplicity of the white house on a sprawling green lawn.  Something about the understated kitchen draws me in, too.  And now I'm suddenly convincing myself I need a house in the country.  #sorrykip


  1. One question...the bed seems to be in the living space. I see a small kitchen there this just a huge master suite????? Love the beautiful grounds too.

    1. I think that bedroom might be a separate house. There were more rooms in the listing, but I didn include them because I wasn't totally into the decor.

  2. I would rob a bank for this house. Shhh... don't tell anybody.

  3. Hi Jen, I totaly hear ya! Yes, country sounds so peaceful and romantic, but not sure if I could do it 24/7/365. Having said that, perhaps I would be more at ease.
    Lucky for us, we live in the city and only 10 min drive to down town Calgary, we have a really large green park in front our house, with baseball field and playground and a small forest behind the house and river pathways couple blocks away. Ideal I should say.
    THis property is marvelous, and I am secretly considering one day a cottage in England, I love that place...Tuscany too and Sounth of France. hmmm maybe we won't be able to do all three((:
    hugs Z


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